Print Shop


Three-fourths of Liberia's 4 million people live in small villages. A sad reality is they have little or nothing to read. As we travel to villages deep in Liberia's rainforest, often the only literature we find is the cultish Jehovah's Witness Watch Tower magazine. There is no Christian literature there. The printing ministry exists to provide truthful teaching from the Scripture. Our goal is that every literate Liberian will be given printed material that has been specifically written for them at their educational level. The material is of foundational doctrines and Bible lessons to fit their unique circumstances.

Print Shop:

Wordsower Liberia has a full AB Dick print shop that is able to print 30,000 pages a day. Our goal is to print and distribute 100,000 pages of teaching material a month - over 1 million pages per year, and increase to 2 million pages per year.

What we print:

We print and distribute training material for our leaders to use in evangelism discipleship, and start churches. We print manuals. WSL wants to put into the hands of every literate spiritual leader a Bible and training manuals. The manual teaches about discipleship, how to start and run a church, and the foundational Biblical doctrines.
Our mission is to see a healthy church in every village of Liberia. A Bible, the manual, along with our field leaders who will train them make for a powerful tool in accomplishing our mission.