Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ministry Report for February 2010

February 27th we moved into our new place! It is far from finished. Most floors are dirt. Walls, roof, doors and windows are incomplete but enough or each was completed for us to move in. We have spent almost the entire month working on our housing/ministry center. We started the project this December and will move in at the end of February. The project has kept us out of the interior villages and will for the next month. The project is a temporary necessary distraction.

We have not worked in the villages this month because of this construction project. March will also be dedicated to the construction project. The first of April will allow us to return to the mission we came for, “A church in every village of Liberia”. Another reason for being away from the villages is because our copiers are all unusable and supplies are depleted. We have copiers, ink, paper and Bibles on a boat from the US that has not arrived yet.

After almost 1 ½ years I will return to the US for a visit, arriving on April 8 and returning to Liberia June 17th.
Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:
Sino County: Pynes Town, Gbliyee, Tactiville, Gardoway, Putu Jadweodee, Saydee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp) and Cass Town

Grand Gheda County: Zwedru, Jaibo, Gorbowrogba, Kyne, Gbloue, Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Kohn, Gambo, Gboleken, Dolozon, Polar, Gbarbo, Franzaz, Gwenebo, Jargbeh, Pellelzon, two road check stations, and the county prison

Montserrado County: Monrovia

River Gee County: Jarkaken, Tartiken, Geeken, Kanweaken, Putuken, Fish Town, Klaboken