Our Strategy

1.  Start Church planting bases:  

Our plan is to start 5 disciple making  church planting bases in 5 of Liberia's 15 county seats.  At these bases, a team will train and provide resources for Liberians.  Those trained will be sent to villages.  In the villages they will train, form churches, and assist others to do the same.  Each of these bases will be responsible for making disciples and maturing churches in 3 counties each.  This map shows where our current bases are located.

2.  Mission Trips:  

We have a team of field leaders who have been trained to make disciples.  These field leaders go on mission trips to the various towns and villages.  In the towns that have churches, we help strengthen the church.  In towns where there is no church, we begin to make disciples.  After several disciples have been made, we gather them together and form a church.

3.  The Bible Institute:  

As churches are being started and strengthened, church leaders are trained at the Bible Institute. There are four levels of training at the Bible Institute.  Currently we are offering the first two levels of training.

  • Level 1:  Level 1 classes focus on discipleship.  Students learn about life's purpose, Jesus's mission, our mission the great commission, how to make disciples, how to study Scripture, and how to preach and teach.  Students also take a survey through the Gospels and Romans. Doctrines that are taught include salvation, sanctification, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Trinity, and the Church.
  • Level 2:  Level 2 classes focus on starting healthy churches.  Students learn how to start a church by making disciples, church leadership, and characteristics of a healthy church. Students study Acts 1-15, the Early Epistles, and additional Bible Doctrines. 

4.  Print Shop:  

The Print Shop prints thousands of pages of discipleship material every month.  From the Print Shop we can provide all of Liberia and eventually West Africa with discipleship material.

5.  Audio Recordings:  

80% of the people we work with are illiterate.  We train these people audibly.  The Bible and all our lessons are being recorded in the various languages of Liberia.  We distribute these audio recordings on micro SD cards that people put in their phones and on a solar powered SD card players called the Treasure.