Discipling the Illiterate

Cause of Illiteracy:

Liberia is recovering from the total destruction of a 15-year, brutal civil war. Because of this and extreme poverty most Liberians have not been able to attend school nor learn to read. Those who are able to read do so on a third to sixth grade level. Of the 8,700 towns and villages of Liberia, the vast majority still have no schools. Our ministry to the illiterate exists to lead them into their salvation, teach them Scripture, teach them how to become effective ministers, and how to read and write.

Audio Recordings:

We have the Bible and Bible teaching materials that have been audibly recorded into many of the Liberian dialects. We have purchased SD cards, the same cards you use in your cameras, to record on. The people put these in cell phones and in music boxes to listen to the Scripture and Bible teaching in their born language. We also use solar powered SD card players called Treasures (see photo below). Treasure is a solar powered SD card player.  Not everyone in Liberia can afford to own a cell phone or keep their cell phone charged.  The Treasure is a great solution.  Groups of people can sit and listen to God's word and Bible Stories in their own language.  For more information about the treasure go to http://www.worldmission.cc/#!the-treasure/c1law.

Story Telling:

We also have some who are trained in Bible story telling. They present Bible stories without the use of a Bible and teach the illiterate how to do the same. With this method, the illiterate are empowered to teach and present the Gospel to the lost of the language group.

Literacy Training:

We have trained spiritual leaders to teach children and adults how to read. We also provide teaching materials for them. Through this method two schools have started and adult literacy classes have started.