Wednesday, August 10, 2011

July Ministry Report: "Not my will but your will be done."

The mission of Jesus, “not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Pet 3:9 NIV), is also our mission.

Our mission is that every village of Liberia will have a healthy church. Most of the towns and villages of Liberia have no church. We have worked in over 100 villages. This month we made over 100 mission/ministry trips, visiting 58 villages, and other locations, going into 7 new locations. Many of the places we visited multiple times, our longest trip was 10 days, shortest a few hours. We printed and distributed approximately 21,700 pages of teaching material and distributed hundreds of Bibles. This month we baptized 30 and 49 completed our extensive Bible study program.

Our core team in Africa is: 1 from America, 1 from France, 5 Liberians. We have 9 regional leaders and Liberian ministers that travel with us to the interior villages, many trained pastors and field leaders also work with us. The team of supporters in USA and France are also many. We, as one united team, are all working together, under the leadership of Christ, for the kingdom of God in Liberia!

We continue to grow every month! Word of what we do continues to reach new areas which send us invitations to come. The invitations are greater than we can keep up with. Churches are being started and church buildings being built. Many church buildings are now under construction. Below is a recent letter from the once churchless town of Vleyee where we have been working (I did small editing from Liberian English): “The Church of Vleyee Town is building a house for worship. Vleyee Town needs help to assist in construction of their building. We only need nails. We also want WSL to come and help us. We are still working on the church house, so we need 6 packs of 3 inch nails for the church house construction.” The price of the nails is $3.42! We will send a team to encourage and assist in the building. Can you imagine the total price to build a house of worship is $3.42? The material is harvested from the bush and the congregation builds it.

This Sunday we are dedicating and celebrating in Gwenebo the completion of their church building, formerly a churchless village. This town and the one next to it, Franzay, were strong holds of Satan and his cult religion. We have been told if we could start one in either of those towns we could start them anywhere. Franzay’s church building is now also under construction. Satan is alive, well and fighting back. One village, Jarzon, was churchless now they have a beautiful growing congregation in a completed building. A week ago one of the elders came to us with the report that one of his members went into the Jungle to find food, he never returned. Groups were sent out to find him. They found his machete, slippers, and torn pants and the food he had found, but not him. “Devil’s Disciples” continue to do human sacrifices.

Another letter we received this month was from Salime Coulibaly, a former Muslim: “From the day that I knew myself, brother, I have wished to be trained for use by God, that being the foundation and plan for my life. I really want to serve God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that I will be considered as a follower of Christ, making my dream to come true in life. I was a Muslim but realized and found the truth in Jesus Christ, my Lord. I hold heartily to worship and serve Him not for riches but making unbelievers, like I once was, to turn to a believer, that’s my dream for better, for worse. But there is one thing for now I really want after receiving our Lord, Jesus Christ, that is to be baptized in His name, amen. I pray that Wordsower will make my dream come true in my life, amen.”

Refugees are increasing every day. Official UN count for refugees in our county is 78,000, last census of Liberians in the county was 61,000. The Liberian’s had trouble feeding themselves before the refugees came, and to add to it this is the rainy season and we are experiencing drought, crops are starting to fail.

Prayer Request: Christ, before His crucifixion, said, “Not my will but your will be done.” Pray for us that as we see before us hardships and harsh dangerous conditions that we won’t shrink back, that we can also pray, “Not my will but your will be done.” I pray that each of us will keep our eyes on Christ in our hardships and in these uncertain times and not worry but seek His will and that we will all say, “Not my will but your will be done.”

Thank you for your prayers, donations and encouragement,

Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:
Sino County: Cass Town, Cheboken, Deedo, Gbliyee, Gardoway, Greeneville, Jaytoken, Joazon, Karquekpo, Putu Jadweodee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp), Pynes Town, Qutatozon, Seetor, Saydee, Senquene, Voobadee, Titus. Grand Gheda County: Badou, Bah, Bargblor, Barte-jam, Bawaydee, Beezon, Beh, Boe, Border, Boundary, Chayee, Chebeh, Compound, Dian, Dolozon, Dougee Refugee Camp, Duo Town, Dweh, Franzaz, Garley, Gbarbo, Gbeyoubo, Gbloue, Gboe, Gboe Geewon, Gboleken, Gambo, Geeha, Gleplay, Gorbowrogba, Grady, Gwenebo, Jaibo, Jargbeh, Jarwleh, Jarzon, Jayteken 1, Jayteken 2, Jellu, John David, Jonesgbaye, Julutuzon, Karlowleh, Kohn, Kojayee, Konobo Ziah, Kpae, Kyne, Kwebo, Nico, Panwolor, Pellelzon, Peter Saydee, Polar Town, Polar Village, Savah, Sentrodu, Sewion 1, Sewion 2, Sinkon, Sloman (a gold mining camp), Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Solo Refugee Camp, Suahken, Taye’s Village, Tiama, Toes Refugee Camp, Toes Town, Toffoi, Togbayee, Tojillah, Toueah, Tuglor, Varglor, Vleyee, Willie Jellu, Wulu, Zarzar, Zeon, Ziulay, Zwedru, and the county prison, three road check stations, and the county hospital, 48 mile. Montserrado County: Monrovia. River Gee County: Cheboken, Dweaken, Fish Town, Geeken, Jarkaken, Jaytoken 1, Jaytoken 2, Kanweaken, Klaboken, Podroken, Putuken, Sargba, Tartiken. Bomi County: Beh, Jaway, Joes Town. Maryland County: Cain, Cavalla, Gbolobo, Harper, Kablaken, Lexicon, Pedebo, Pleebo, Philadelphia, Refugee Village, Rubber Bag Camp, Siliken, Wuluplukredi, the county prison and the check point. Nimba County: Dialah, Graie, Guotoin, Kpaytuo, Tappita. River Cess: Gbee.

July Expense Report

Assistance to the poor:
$500 – Humanitarian assistance: including food (average cost is $1.50 a day for food),
rent, home repair, etc. (Ivorian refugees not included in this)
$24 – Medical expenses (average treatment cost is $1.00 - $10.00)
$83 – Food for Ivorian refugees

Ministry expenses:
$672 – Paper, gas for the generator, pens, folders, Bibles and mission trips.
$952 – Motor bike gas and repair, we now have 8 bikes (Gas prices range between $5.50 - $8.50
a gallon)
$36 – We pay one teacher $35 a month in a school we started.
$540 – 6 months rent for our base in Maryland County

House Construction:
$64 – We continue to do small construction on our place. We started painting the wood that is outside to prevent rotting.

Team food and house supplies:
$1,380 – Food and house supplies (close estimate). Our core team consists of 12 adults and 11 children. That averages out to $1.45 a day per person to cover, clothes, food, batteries, soap etc. Really our team uses less than that per day because we feed others every day from the interior, refugees and locals from our house funds.

$4,252 - Total for the month

Donations should be sent to:

Wordsower International
16960 Sidney Plattsville Rd
Sidney, Oh 45365

All donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent in January. 100% of all donations go for the mission to the Liberians. None is used for me or administration. If you have any questions concerning donations you may call Tom Looker at 937-489-8090.

Thank you,