Wednesday, May 22, 2019

April 2019 End of Month Report

Our Weapons used in April:

  • 41 were baptized
  • 135 missions were sent out in 7 Counties
  • 156 villages, towns or cities were ministered in
  • 2 countries were ministered in; Liberia and Guinea 
  • 3 three-day regional trainings. Many are unable to attend our school so we send teams out to do trainings. 
  • 40 people attended our 2-week Wordsower Bible Institute class on our Zwedru base
  • 58 people attended our 1-week Wordsower Bible Institute class in Sinoe County 
  • 7 villages watched the Jesus Film
  • 18 dental patients were treated and 20 teeth were extracted. We have the only dentist in 6 counties. The Gospel is presented to every patient, many of which are Muslims.
  • 82 homes received water filters and we did filter follow-up visits in 189 homes in 19 villages and towns. Every home receiving a filter also receives the Gospel.
  • 14 students are in our adult literacy school
  • We have an hour radio broadcast every day. The broadcast presents the Gospel and teaches scripture. 
  • Hundreds of thousands of bibles have been distributed in over 1,000 villages. For those who are illiterate we have given away many audio Bibles on small memory chips, in their dialects, that can be used in phones and music players.

One of our powerful weapons is the Jesus Film. We have it in each of the 16 languages of Liberia. Wherever we show the film, the whole village will come to watch. Most have never seen a movie on a screen with a projector before, no one has seen many. Usually a movie has never been shown in their community. It is a big event. I’ve seen the film often, so I pray and watch the crowd while it plays. The children rush to sit close to the screen and when the scene of the serpent tempting Jesus flashes unexpectedly, filling the screen, I watch and chuckle as the kids scream and even run. The culture is different here. Because they are an oral society, they learn differently, so there is always much chatter, glee, gasps, clapping, and tears.  After the show, the elderly has come and asked, “I didn’t know Jesus knew my language.” Then it becomes my time for tears. They always invite us to return. When we show up in obedience there is always fruit to harvest.

When we go to a village, we will teach or preach a parable, scripture passage, or topic which gives a fragmented picture of the birth, life, sacrifice, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. The Jesus Film provides the complete presentation. We have shown the movie to thousands. Salvation and baptisms have come from it and is always a great success wherever we take it. Truly, the harvest is plentiful. The Jesus Film is one of our powerful weapons.

Beauty. A woman’s legs are an important part of her beauty in the entertainment kingdom. Well, beautiful legs are also important in our Lord’s Kingdom. “And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Rom 10:15. Below is a picture of 2 of our women disciples that go as they have been sent to preach the good news. Their legs \ have scars from motorbike muffler burns. Our Lord sees their beautiful legs. As our Lord lovingly washed His disciple’s feet on earth I wonder if He will wash ours in heaven.  I pray that if He does, then He will see the dirt and scars of sacrificial, obedient service and not the beauty of Hollywood. As He had tears on earth I wonder if He will have tears of gratitude in heaven. Let us look at these beautiful legs with tears of gratitude.

Participate with us in Praise and prayer:

  • Praise!! Two Muslim villages have accepted us to come and teach them. 
  • Praise!! Muslims have become Christian
  • Continue to pray for our first indigenous missionary team that has been sent to Capemount County. They are surrounded with three Muslim unreached tribes.
  • Our Lord says to pray for more harvesters to be sent into the field. Truly the harvest is plentiful and the workers few. Pray for more indigenous harvesters.  Pray that our Lord would send more Western missionaries  
  • Pray for the safety of our teams. There are many dangers lurking.

100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January.
Please send donations to:
Wordsower International
16960 Sidney-Plattsville Rd
Sidney, OH 45365

Financial Report for April:
Summary of expenses:
$905 - Staff support for 7 employees
$427 - Assistance to the poor         
$418 - Radio Ministry   
$835 - Base Expenses.  Covers food cost for the team, visitors and maintenance on the base.
$1,183 – Mission teams that are sent out to preach and teach
$1,103 – Water filter team is in Maryland County installing home water filter systems
$1,182 – Wordsower Bible Institute 2-week class in Zwedru our main base
$764 – Wordsower Bible Institute 1-week class in Sinoe County
$1,589 - Capemont Missionary team
$84 – Printing press supplies and labor
$1,100 – Water filter team
$655 – Motorbike maintenance and repairs
$792 - Gas for bikes and generators
$80 – Adult Literacy
Total $11,117