Friday, May 5, 2017

April 2017 End of Month Report

Special prayer request!   Donations have continued to decrease over the last few months.  This month our limited donations will fund our Bible Institute and some printing but will not fund our other ministries.  We will not be able to go on missions into the villages, distribute water filters, or teach 2 day conferences.  Please be in prayer with us for our Lord to reveal the reasons for the decreased donations.

We went on 36 missions in 8 counties impacting 90 villages and towns in 2 countries, Liberia and Ivory Coast.  A mission can last 1-7 days.  We did 7 two day regional conferences.  Our projector was used 7 times showing the Jesus film and other Christian training films to several hundred people.  We baptized 35 persons.  3 completed our Bible marking training.  Many had the Gospel presented to them and many made confessions of faith asking our Lord for salvation and forgiveness.  We printed approximately 71,000 pages of Bible training material.  We made 1,500 manuals. 

Testimony:  Darlington Quayee gives us his testimony:  At the age of 11 the rebels took me from my parents.  Immediately they trained me to be a soldier.  I carried an AK-47 rifle.  They beat me and kept me drugged and drunk.  Once when I refused to fight they stabbed me with a knife.  They took me into the villages to fight and kill.  At the age of 17 I escaped to Ivory Coast as a refugee.  At the age of 25 I returned to Liberia and was again made to be a rebel fighter against the government forces.  After the war I was able to find my mother after 16 years.

Kim found me in the bar drunk with my friends and fellow rebel fighters.  I stayed drunk most of the time.  He came plenty teaching us the Bible and about God.  I listened, repented, became a Christian, was baptized and have attended 2 of Wordsower’s Bible Institute levels.  Now I am giving testimony to my friends.  I tell them about how they too can come to Christ and be forgiven.   

Thank you World Missionary Press!!!  They are located of New Paris, Indiana and have printed and shipped to us 1,000s of Bible verse tracts and 3,000 much needed French NT Bibles.  All for free!!!  The French speaking refuges are overjoyed to now have their own copy of the scriptures.  We have been blessed with this most wonderful gift from them.  Again we say thank you World Missionary Press!  

Missions:  On our motor bikes we go into very remote villages.  Often we go as far as the trail will allow and then park and hike for hours, or cross rivers on rafts to present the Gospel to the people.  Most do not have churches.   All want a church in their village.  Always we are well received and invited back.  When we enter we evangelize, disciple, raise up leaders and start churches.  Truly the harvest is plentiful.  Our Bible school is training and sending out harvesters plenty. 

Wordsower Bible Institute:  We had 40 students in our English level 2 class and several that listened in.  Again we experienced the Holy Spirit teaching through us teachers.  At great sacrifice the students came from 7 of the 15 Liberian counties.  They were excited to return as trained harvesters to make disciples and are excited to return back to our base for the next level. 

Water Filter Distribution:  This month we went to 30 remote small villages and gave filters to 266 homes providing clean water for about 1,330 people.  The people in these villages were drinking water that you would not even want to touch and the result was much disease, suffering and death.  In the last two months we have provided clean water for almost 3,000 people.  Also when we go we always present Christ and His Gospel.  And always when we return to them for more discipleship training they are excited to receive us and want to learn more of our Lord.  Jesus, while on earth, met the felt needs of the people showing His love and compassion.  We here are doing the same in His name through these filters.

Dental ministry:  This month our dental team did 15 extractions.  We still have not gotten official permission to run our clinic.  Please pray that we will get permission from the head of the county Health Department.      

Press Shop Construction:  The inside is complete and the outside needs only small cosmetics.  We have partially moved in and are now using the building.

Pray requests:  This month is a month of rest.  About half of all our ministries have been shut down for lack of funds.  We will have 3 united days of fasting and prayer this month plus other times of united prayer.  Pray with us that our Lord will reveal the reason for this rest.

·      $1,484 - Missions – includes feeding, compensation, rice for conferences
·      $708 - Bikes – includes gas, parts and labor
Press shop – $33 – for generator gas and labor
Humanitarian - $720 – Assisted many with food, rent, clothing and medical care
Dental Program - $50 – Used for worker wages 
Bible Institute - $1,689 – 40 students attended English level 2 week class.
Base expenses:
·      $111 Cook labor – we cook for 10-20 every day during construction and up to 80 when our Bible Institute is in session.
·      $180 Security labor – our doors and windows are secure, so thieves cut through our metal roof to enter.  This now requires us to have security at night.
·      $350 - Compensation for 3 staff members
·      $106 - Base supplies and maintenance
·      $400 - House food
Press shop construction – $994 – Includes material, feeding and labor.

$6,825  – Total

Keeping you informed.  Keep us in your prayers