Monday, January 14, 2019

December 2018 End of Month Report

Our Mission has grown beyond the boarders of Liberia. In 2019, Lord willing, we will have a base established in Ivory Coast and will have established a new fighting force in Nigeria. It takes many weapons to fight and win a war. Wordsower has many weapons:

Our Weapons used in December:
In Liberia: 
  • We baptized 43!!!
  • Our first indigenous missionary team has moved to Wacco village of Capemont County. They are in the heart of 3 unreached Muslim tribes: the Vai, Gola, and Mandingo.
  • We sent teams on 51 missions to 53 villages/towns in 7 different Counties.
  • We did 9 three-day trainings in 5 counties. Many are unable to attend our school so we send teams out to do trainings.
  • We have an hour radio broadcast every day. The broadcast presents the Gospel and teaches scripture.
  • Our dentist treated 16 patients and extracted 19 teeth. We have the only dentist in 6 counties. The Gospel is presented to every patient, many of which are Muslims.
  • We have distributed hundreds of thousands of bibles in over a 1,000 villages. For those who are illiterate we have given away many audio Bibles on small memory chips, in their dialects, which can be used in phones and music players.
  • 114 homes received water filters and we did followup visits in 159 homes in 18 villages/towns. Every home receiving a filter also receives His Gospel.
  • Our adult literacy team had student graduations.

In Ivory Cost, we went on mission to 3 villages/towns. We are preparing for Wordsower to establish a base in Ivory Coast. The Ivorian’s have 36 unreached tribes of approximately 7 million people.   

Our Lord had put it on my heart to go and see what He would have us do in Nigeria. I spent a month in Nigeria and visited 3 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps as well as several villages, towns, and cities. It is estimated that the militant Muslims have killed 27,000 people, left 2 million homeless, and burnt hundreds, if not thousands, of church buildings. Many of the homeless have escaped to refugee camps in other countries or form IDP camps within their country. 

His Church in Northern Nigeria is wounded! There are numerous IDP camps holding many thousands. I found an unofficial camp where about 40 unassisted families were living in an abandoned market. 35 of the families were headed by widows whose husbands had been killed. With Wordsower donations we were able to provide food and money to them twice, spending about $1,400 in total. They are in desperate condition. Every visit I made I saw no food. I want us to continue to provide them food and money until returning with a team, hopefully in April.  

Muslim Background Believers (MBB) are former Muslims that have become Christian. I was told by the MBBs I met that thousands have come to Christ, but are not being discipled nor have places of worship that fit their culture. With Wordsower donations we were able to provide furnishings for a MBB underground church in an abandoned upper room of a retail building. When a team and I return, we will start discipling MBBs and teach them how to start underground churches.

Muslims need to hear our Lord’s Gospel. Nigeria has 95 unreached tribes of approximately 59 million people. With Wordsower donations we were able to purchase sound recording equipment for radio broadcasts. We have the opportunity to unite with MBB leaders to broadcast Bible teachings to the Muslims and hidden believers of the Hausa language in Northern Nigeria. We also now have MBBs who are translating tracts and Bible teaching material into the Hausa language for us to print and distribute when we return. 

The discovery made while in Nigeria is that the fruit is plentiful and the workers are few!!! Our Lord has taught me through the years to just show up in obedience and He will do the rest. We united. Showing up in obedience in Nigeria will produce fruit – much fruit. Fruit that will last. 

Participate with us in Praise and prayer:
  • Pray for Ana DeCarvalho and her son Thomas that will be coming to visit us in Liberia. Ana is on our Wordsower board.
  • Pray for our first indigenous missionary team that has been sent to Capemount County. They are surrounded with three Muslim unreached tribes.
  • Pray that we can open a new mission in Ivory Coast! They will go to enlarge and strengthen His church and to the 36 unreached tribes of 7 million people.
  • Pray that our Lord will continue to send and guide us to go into Northern Nigeria to assist His wounded church, to the Muslim Background Believers, and to reach the unreached Muslim tribes.
  • Our Lord says to pray for more harvesters to be sent into the field. Truly the harvest is plentiful and the workers few. Pray for more indigenous and foreign harvesters. 

100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January.
Please send donations to:
Wordsower International
16960 Sidney-Plattsville Rd
Sidney, OH 45365

Financial Report for December, Liberia:
Summary of expenses:
$905 - Staff support for 7 employees
$163 - Assistance to the poor                       
$461 - Radio Ministry        
$60 – literacy Ministry
$872 - Base Expenses.  Covers food cost for the team, visitors, maintenance and on base ministry
$1,248 – Missions
$948 – Water filter team is in Maryland County installing home water filter systems
$195 – Support for our Capemont missionary project
$308 – Motorbike maintenance and repairs
$758 - Gas for bikes and generators 
$660 - Vacation pay for the staff
$280 - Toilet construction
Total $6,858

Financial Report for December, Nigeria:
$600 - first feeding of IDPs
$800 - Second feeding of IDPs
$ 50 - plane ticket change
$90 - assistance to the poor
$100 - food and housing
Total $1,640 (additional expenses beyond what is recorded were covered by Kim)