Wednesday, March 8, 2017

February 2017 End of Month Report

We went on 32 missions in 6 counties impacting 89 villages and towns in 2 countries, Liberia and Ivory Coast.  A mission can last 1-7 days.  We did 4 two day conferences.  Our projector was used several times showing the Jesus film and other Christian training films.  We baptized 10 people.  Many had the Gospel presented to them and many made confessions of faith asking our Lord for salvation and forgiveness.  We printed 35,000 pages of Bible training material.  We made 70 manuals. 
We had 66 students in our level 4 class and several that listened in.  This was our first level 4 training.  The training was about being sent as a missionary.  At the end of the class over 15 turned in applications to be considered and sent as missionaries to the 4 unreached tribes in Liberia the Vai, Mandingo, Gola, and Dan.  Our students came from 10 counties of the 16 Liberian counties.  We also had students from two countries; Ivory Coast and Liberia.  The students have returned to spread the Gospel as they were taught.   We will be sending our field leaders to them throughout the year to assist them in producing fruit, to encourage, provide material, and continue to train. 
Exciting news!  We have sent our first missionary team to spy out the land of the Vai and giants won’t scare us (Numbers 12:31-33).  They are a Muslim mixed with animism stronghold.  The Joshua Project gives this report concerning the Vai, “There are about 2 Christians for every 1,000 Vai.  There are no known churches.  The Vai are predominantly Muslim, but many traditional pagan beliefs are still practiced.”  There are about 162,000 Vai and they are mostly located in Grand Capemont County, a county we have never sent a disciple to before. 
More great news!  We purchased 6 new motor bikes!  We now have 10 new bikes.  Our old bikes we will send to our established teams in other counties.
Still more!  Our dental clinic had 3 patients and pulled 6 teeth.  We need prayer.  The County Health Department has not given us permission to operate.  Pray that they will give us permission.
Filter distribution:  We went to 12 remote villages and gave filters to 52 homes providing clean water for about 275 – 325 people.  Notice the pictures of the water they were drinking!    

Our press shop wall structure is complete.  The roof and outside plastering should be finished this week.

Pray requests:  We are overwhelmed with praise.  The fruit of our Bible Institute Level 4 class produced over 15 missionary applicants.  Praise God for the 6 new motorbikes, and praise for the complete funding of our new Press Shop.  Pray for that the County Health Department will give us permission to officially operate our dental clinic.  Pray for our first sent missionary team to the Vai tribe.   
·        $772 Missions – includes feeding, compensation, rice for conferences
·        $573 Bikes – includes gas, parts and labor
·        $5,627 – purchased 6 new bikes
Printing Press Shop - $81 – for generator fuel, and labor
Humanitarian - $381 – Assisted many with food, rent, clothing and medical care.
Dental Program - $101 – money used for setting up clinic and wages. 
Bible Institute - $2,160 – 66 students attended a 2 week class.
Base expenses
·        $112 Cook labor – we cook for 10-20 every day during construction and up to 80 when our Bible Institute is in session.
·        $186 Security labor – our doors and windows are secure, so thieves cut through our metal roof to enter.  This now requires us to have security at night.
·        $350 - Compensation for 3 staff members
·        $105 - Base supplies and maintenance
·        $400 - House food
Press shop construction – $2,599 – Includes purchasing tools, material, feeding and labor.  The wall structure is complete. The roof and outside wall plastering will be finished this week.
$13,447 – Total