Thursday, May 3, 2018

April 2018 Monthly Report

Our Mission is to see a healthy church in every village of Liberia.  Our Lord is using us to accomplish the mission.  It takes many weapons to fight and win a war.  Wordsower Liberia has many weapons.

In all wars, there are victories and defeats.  There are also terrible causalities. This month we had a fatality. One of our disciples, Jenkins, died in a bike accident returning from mission.  He leaves behind his wife, Kolu, and son.  We will be assisting her in starting a business.

Teams on bikes go to the villages.  This month 39 mission teams went out reaching 73 villages.  Our teams go into remote regions.  Often taking the bike as far as possible and then hiking for hours to reach the village.  It is dangerous.  All have wreaked and bled, most have scars and have had broken bones.    Yet we forcefully advance, bringing the Gospel to the most remote places in the jungle.

Our filter team distributes water filters and as they share the Gospel in the most remote villages. This month they distributed 150 filters in homes and did follow-up visits to 365 homes. Those they go to drink from swamps that you wouldn’t walk in.  Dirty water is the second biggest killer of Liberians.  Malaria is number one.

Our Wordsower Bible Institute finished their level 4 class.  We had 43 students from 6 counties.  Level 4 class prepares students to be missionaries.  Each of the 4 levels lasts 2 weeks.  Several, in this class, have heard our Lord’s call to go to the 5 unreached tribes of Liberia.  Pray with us for the wisdom and ability to send them. 

Our print shop ministry prints and distributes Bible training material.  This month we printed over 130,000 pages and distributed over 1,000 booklets titled “What must I do to be saved.”  We also produced hundreds of manuals for our Bible Institute classes.

Our dental program shows our love and compassion as we fulfill a great need here in Grand Gedeh County.  We have the only dentist in 5 counties.  Muslims come plenty to see our dentist and leave hearing the Gospel and experiencing the love of our Lord. This month we had 22 patients, 11 were Muslims.  30 teeth were extracted.

Our Literacy program is now teaching over 20 students how to read in three class levels.  Prayer and worship are a part of each class.  We want them to experience the joy of reading the Scriptures for themselves.

We are now on the radio.  We have an hour-long program each morning from 5-6.  During this hour we teach and preach.

We have the only Bible book store in 6 counties.  It is difficult for the Liberian deep in the bush to get a Bible.  We sell Bible reference books and Bibles at our cost.  We also have pocket size Bibles we give free.

We treat illnesses.  Malaria is the biggest killer of the Liberian.  Malaria treatment is about $1.  We diagnose and treat Malaria, small wounds and common sicknesses.  We also will cover the costs of medicines for others who have seen a doctor.

Participate with us in prayer:
Pray for the family of Jenkins who died while on mission.
Pray for our May Bible Institute French level 4 class
Pray for a great move of the Holy Spirit to sweep through Liberia.
Pray that we, Wordsower Liberia leaders, will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January.

Please send donations to:
Wordsower International
16960 Sidney-Plattsville Rd
Sidney, OH 45365

Financial report for April:
$790 – staff support.  We have 6 staff members
$548.16 – Motor bikes – includes parts and labor
$510.12 - Gas
$248.42 – Base ministry – includes labor, local transport and ministry
$418.15 – Assist the poor
$400 – House food – we are using 10 a day for soup and 2 bags of rice a month. We feed about 
         20 a day.
$188.44 - Press shop – includes labor, material
$853 – Missions – includes supplies and labor.  Also includes filter team missions
$192.21 – Radio – We have an hour a day on the local radio station
$1,835.48 – Bible Institute. We trained, housed and fed 40 students for 2 weeks
$1,542.75 – Water well for our base.  Our well goes dry every year and is dry now
$192.21 – Radio
$105.88 – Window security
$22.87 – New toilet installation
$85.20 – Fees bank charged for our bank to bank money transfer

$7,932.89 – Grand Total