Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010 Ministry Report

The mission of Jesus, “Not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance”. (2 Pet 3:9 NIV), is also our mission.

Wordsower Liberia exists for the purpose of going to all the villages and towns of Liberia to preach the good news, train and encourage existing churches and start churches. Most of the towns and villages of Liberia have no church. This month we made 32 mission trips, went to a total of 22 villages, towns and cities. Some of those towns we visited several times, others we visited once. Our mission trips can last from ½ - 6 days. In September, we printed and distributed 14,950 pages of teaching material and hundreds of Bibles. We baptized 34 people, 57 completed our extensive doctrine study program, and over 30 children were dedicated in a church service.

It rained all night at times terribly hard, monsoon hard, it was also cool. In the morning I looked out the window and saw an old women limping up to the house. She was cold, wet, muddy and hungry. She had spent the night outside, alone. She wasn’t from this region. Nancy told us that she used all the money she had to take a car as far as it would go towards her son’s house. She was still many hours, by car, from her destination. Her plan was to walk the rest of the way. She had had a stroke; her right side was mostly paralyzed, her leg dragged. We warmed water for bathing, gave her clean dry clothes and one of our rooms to sleep in. When she woke, several hours later, we had food for her. She stayed with us for a couple days, sleeping most of the time. We gave her spending money, put her on a car, paying the fee for the rest of her trip. Our Lord brought her to us. Such events happen to us often.

There is another widow, Betty, who is alone, we help her regular. She also is handicapped, has had a stroke, walking with a limp. The war separated Betty from her family. Her only known living son died and left her with a grandson to raise. She tried to raise rice this year but the groundhogs destroyed it. Her thatch roof was rotten and leaked bad. We are in the rainy season, it rains every day, often with the strength of a monsoon. We purchased and had installed a new thatch roof in the house she rents.

This month we had a three day conference for church planters and young churches. 20 attended representing 8 fellowships. Existing church leaders returned strengthened and encouraged. Others returned to start new churches.

It was a month of hard rains, sickness, generator and copier problems . Malaria swept through our team leaving more than 10 of us sick. I had malaria twice, typhoid and a severe kidney infection that left me incapacitated much of the month. My treatments consisted of injections, pills and IVs. IVs were purchased black market and administered on the floor of my room, the needle held in place with electrical tape.

Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:
Sino County: Pynes Town, Gbliyee, Titus, Gardoway, Putu Jadweodee, Saydee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp) Greeneville, Qutatozon, Seetor, Karquekpo, and Cass Town. Grand Gheda County: Zwedru, Toe Town, Toffoi, Suahken, Julutuzon, Jaibo, Gorbowrogba, Kyne, Gbloue, Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Kohn, Gambo, Gboleken, Dolozon, Polar Village, Dian, Gbarbo, Franzaz, Gwenebo, Jargbeh, Pellelzon, three road check stations, Zeon, Kpae, Zarzar, Gleplay, Compound, Sinkon, Jarzon, Polar Town and the county prison. Montserrado County: Monrovia. River Gee County: Jarkaken, Tartiken, Geeken, Kanweaken, Putuken, Fish Town, Klaboken. Bomi County: Beh
Thank you for your prayers, donations and support,

September 2010 Ministry Expense Report

Assistance to the poor:
$652 – Humanitarian assistance: including food (average cost is $1.50 a day for food), rent, home repair, etc.
$70 – Medical expenses (average treatment cost is $1.00 - $3.00)
$159 – assisting those stranded and transporting our teams to Monrovia for ministry and supplies

Ministry expenses:
$20 – We fund a daily one hour local Christian radio program. The total cost is $20 a month
$1,096 – Paper, gas for the generator, pens, folders, and Bibles
$326 – Motor bike gas and repair
$44 - Communication
$177 – Mission trips. We give each day $1.40 per person for food for overnight mission trips. Also included in this is the cost of candles for night services.

Team food and house supplies:
$725 – Food and house supplies (close estimate). Our core team consists of 8 adults and 7 children. We regularly feed and house visitors from the interior and locals as needed from our house supply funds. That averages out to $1.60 a day per person to cover, clothes, food, candles, soap etc. Really our team uses less than that per day because we also feed others every day.

Construction of our permanent ministry center and housing:
$37 – Construction costs for our building.
Schools fees:
$130 – for children’s school fees. Average cost per child per semester is $40.
$50 – designated donation to assist in Weddings. We used it for the wedding of DK one of our leaders.

$3,442 - Total for the month
Donations should now be sent to:
Wordsower Liberia
16960 Sidney Plattsville Rd
Sidney, Oh 45365
All donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent in January. 100% of all donations go for the mission to the Liberians. None is used for me or administration. If you have any questions concerning donations you may call Tom Looker at 937-489-8090.

Thank you,