Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 2018 Monthly Report

The mission of Wordsower Liberia is to see a healthy church in every village of Liberia. It takes many weapons to fight and win a war. Wordsower Liberia has many weapons.

In war, there are set-backs and casualties. I, Kim, arrived in the USA on April 7th. The next day, I saw a doctor and had a chest X-ray. It was determined that I probably had pneumonia and was given antibiotics. The cough continued so more tests were ordered. The TB test came back positive. I am now going through additional procedures to confirm TB. Please be in prayer. Pray that I will have a quick recovery and be able to return to Liberia soon.

Our teams go to the villages on motorbikes. This month 27 missions were sent out reaching 64 villages in 5 different counties. In the villages we do evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and pastoral training. We also distribute water filter systems.

The second largest killer in Liberia is dirty water. This month we distributed 252 water filter systems in remote village homes that had been drinking dirty water. We also completed follow-up visits in 402 homes in which we had previously distributed filters. Thousands of people are now drinking clean water because of our distribution. This month, every village home in our county, Grand Gedeh, should be drinking clean water. We hope to start working in a new county soon. This project is done in conjunction with The Last Well. We thank them for suppling us with the filters and sharing in the expense of our teams going into the villages. 

Our Bible Institute completed a 2-week, Level 4 French class for our Ivory Coast neighbors and their refugees. 18 attended the class. 10 of them received diplomas for completing all four levels. The Bible Institute trains the students in Bible doctrine, discipleship, starting churches, and becoming missionaries.

Our dentist treated 26 patients and extracted 31 teeth.

There are hundreds of testimonies coming from our disciples as they joyfully return from missions. Below is one about the destruction of the regional satanic stronghold in Pynes Town:

My first visit to Pynes Town 9 years ago was by foot and with a guide. We hiked hours to get to the village. There we met three men, Moses, Pyne, and Shadrack. While in Pynes town, they stayed close while our team went door to door evangelizing and distributing blue, pocket-sized, Gideon Bibles. Later they told me that one of them had a dream. In the dream, a white man had come to their town and was giving out little blue Bibles. A voice in the dream said that they should unite with this white man. Today, these three men have become powerful disciple leaders and church planters trained by Wordsower Liberia.

For unknown generations, this region and town has been a stronghold of Satan. Ruled by a spiritual leader called the Devil and his followers, the Devil’s Dancers. Moses, Pyne, and Shadrack have experienced severe persecution. Their homes were torn down. More than once, Pyne has been taken into the “Zoe Bush” and badly beaten by the Devil’s Dancers for starting a church and boldly sharing the gospel. Once our Lord had me arrive just as they started beating Pyne and were trying to drag him into their hidden “Zoe Bush” coven base. I stepped in between. They were confused and didn’t know how to respond, so we were taken to the elders. Our Lord gave wisdom as I spoke and he was released.

The “Devil” comes out in costume bringing fear, violence and death.

Another time, Peter, the Devil, had his Devil Dancers drag Moses into the Zoe Bush. They stripped him naked. By the hand of our Lord, Moses escaped naked and barefoot into the jungle/bush. Bleeding, he ran and hid in a shelter away from the town. Our base in Zwedru is about a 2-hour motorbike trip from Pynes Town. Once again, our Lord happened to have one of our teams in the area. Miraculously, they discovered Moses in the shelter. A pair of rotten pants was acquired and immediately the team took him half naked and wounded back to our base in Zwedru to heal.

Sometime later I visited Pynes Town and found Peter, the Devil, sitting in front of a little shop. I sat down beside him and shared the gospel and about Heaven and Hell. We both knew that many in the town were watching from a distance. As I left, he publicly laughed and ridiculed me. About a month later he found me in Zwedru, the town closest to our base. As I approached him on a motorbike, he began waving frantically in the road, beckoning me to stop. He said we must talk. “I want to know more about God, Heaven, and Hell.”  We sat and talked. I reminded him about our time in front of the shop. He said, “I was only laughing on the outside.” Today, Peter is a Christian. He comes to our base to collect training material that Moses prints on our printing press to take to the church he attends in Pynes Town.    

9 years ago, the Pynes Town region was a powerful stronghold of Satan. General Butt Naked came from this region (Google him). Praise God! Today, this regional stronghold has been broken! This is just one testimony of many, broken, satanic strongholds. It seems that they are so easy to destroy. United and guided by the Holy Spirit, all we must do is show up.  Truly the harvest is plentiful and the workers few.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.”  Matt 11:12.

Moses is on the left.  On the right is Peter, the former "Devil."

Participate with us in prayer:
Pray for more workers…. Maybe that will be you.
Pray for the continued destruction of Satan’s strongholds in Liberia.
Pray for a great move of the Holy Spirit to sweep through Liberia.
Pray that we, Wordsower Liberia leaders, will be filled with the Holy Spirit and fearlessly advance and spread the gospel.
Pray for my healing and quick return to Liberia.

100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January. 
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Financial Report
$810 - Staff support for 7 employees
$200 - Assistance to the poor                       
$261.32 - Radio Ministry        
$463.20 - Base Expenses
$986.14 - Missions
$591.16 - Gas for bikes and generators: 
$406.79 - Bike repair: 
$1,054.86 - Wordsower Bible Institute
$85 - Bank to bank fees:
Grand total $4,858.47