Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August 2010 Ministry Report

A day in the life of Wordsower: Sunday, August 22, 2010

It rained almost all day, sometimes heavy, but then it is the rainy season. Our teams, using motorbikes, did 5 mission trips that day. One of our team, Ballah, was in Monrovia purchasing and shipping supplies. The morning started at 8:00 with a team, Dk and I, going to the village called Gbarbo. As we were returning from the service, pulling into our yard, we met a second team leaving, Albert and Aloysius, for service at the prison. Sam and Roland Sr., another team, were dropped off the day before in Franzay. I ate and then went to get them. The trip to Franzay is a combination of dirt road and path. On the way there is a steep, badly rutted “road” made of clay and extremely slick, it was raining. No way could one go down it without wreaking and probable damage to man and machine. As God would have it, He does this often, a man was at the bottom with his bike unable to come up. I helped him up, not a small job, and he helped me down. Sam and Roland Sr. had spent the night in Franzay, they helped the church the day before in the construction of their new church building. They had a service before I arrived. Together we celebrated the work, encouraged each other and prayed. Upon our return I met the others at the house. Roland Jr., the pastor of Solo Outside, was at the house. He explained that George, the pastor from Solo Inside, was injured. He was hit in the head, an accident, had a tooth knocked out, was delirious, and may also have a broken jaw. Albert and Badio took some ministry training material and immediately left to get him. Roland Jr. and I went to Polar village for an evening service. Albert and Badio returned with George about 5 hours later, after 9:00 PM. They had many wrecks, they and the bike had been washed down a swollen bridgeless creek and had spent a couple hours in pouring rain trying to restart the bike. Throughout the day many came to be served at our center. They come for personal training or as trainers they will come for supplies. That night we slept in our various rooms, three visitors also slept with us. As we lay in our beds there was much laughter and talk, going from room to room, recanting the activities of the day. The next day we took George to a clinic (there are no x-ray machines in our county, maybe none outside Monrovia) he was treated with pain killers and antibiotics. How he heals, we will see? He will stay with us for a few days. Sunday, August 22, a typical day.

About the five villages: Gbarbo, about 25 homes, formerly no church or school. We have been meeting and training them for a couple months. A church has been birthed. This next Sunday will be their first service without us. The Prison has about 130 inmates, formerly a harsh cruel typical third world prison. Today they have a strong healthy church lead by the inmates, 98% of the inmates and guards are doing our lessons. The cruel, harsh conditions have almost ceased. Franzay a village of about 30 homes, formerly had no church or school. Today they have a young healthy church and have started constructing their church/school building. Polar, about 20 homes, currently has no church, or school. We have come to this village several times evangelizing and discipling. We have discovered the emerging leaders and are giving them special attention, preparing them to start a church. Solo Inside, about 30 homes, formerly they had no school or church. Today they have a healthy growing church. In September we will dedicate their completed church/school building. They will have their first day of school the second week of September. The elders say the town is generations old and that they have never before had a school or church.

Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:

Sino County: Pynes Town, Gbliyee, Titus, Gardoway, Putu Jadweodee, Saydee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp) Greeneville, Qutatozon, Seetor, Karquekpo, and Cass Town. Grand Gheda County: Zwedru, Jaibo, Gorbowrogba, Kyne, Gbloue, Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Kohn, Gambo, Gboleken, Dolozon, Polar Village, Dian, Gbarbo, Franzaz, Gwenebo, Jargbeh, Pellelzon, three road check stations, Zeon, Kpae, Zarzar, Gleplay, Compound, Sinkon, Jarzon, Polar Town and the county prison. Montserrado County: Monrovia. River Gee County: Jarkaken, Tartiken, Geeken, Kanweaken, Putuken, Fish Town, Klaboken. Bomi County: Beh

Donations should now be sent to:
Wordsower Liberia 16960 Sidney Plattsville Rd Sidney, Oh 45365

All donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be sent at year’s end. 100% of all donations go to the mission for the Liberians. None is used for me or administration. If there are any donation questions you may call Tom Looker at 937-489-8090.

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August, 2010 Ministry Expense Report

Assistance to the poor:
$613 – Humanitarian assistance: including food (Average cost is $1.50 a day for food), rent, home repair, etc.
$67 – Medical expenses

Ministry expenses:
$20 – We are funding a daily one hour local Christian radio program. The total cost is $20 a month
$348 – Paper, gas for the generator, pens, folders, and Bibles
$326 – Motor bike gas and repair
$840 – New motor bike
$39 - Communication
$178 – Mission trips. We give each day $1.40 per person for food for overnight mission trips. Also included in this is the cost of candles for night services.

Team food and house supplies:
$725 – Food, house supplies (close estimate). Our core team consists of 8 adults and 7 children. We regularly feed and house visitors from the interior and locals as needed from our house supply funds. That averages out to $1.60 a day per person to cover, clothes, food, candles, soap etc. Really it is less than that per day because we also feed others every day.

Construction of our permanent ministry center and housing:
$80 – Construction costs for our building.
$540 – well hand pump. We have a well that is open, now water is not for drinking. The pump will allow us to enclose the well and allow for drinking water. Many around will use it.
Schools fees:
$370 – for children’s school fees. Average cost per child per semester is $40.

$4,136 - Total for the month