Friday, February 26, 2016

It is with great sorrow I write you the supporters of WSL.  We have made mistakes.  We put base leaders in position without enough monitoring, checks and balances.  We trusted their integrity, honesty and word too much.  Some of us on the WSL board have worked together with them for 10 years.  We were shocked to have discovered corruption, lies and stealing.  I am shamed and embarrassed that this has happened.

It is a great sin for money that has been donated for the building of God’s kingdom to be misused.

Our eyes have been opened.  Things have changed and will continue to change in an effort to never allow this to happen again.  Accountability will be greatly increased.  Audits will be made often. 

We had three bases in Liberia.  Two have been closed and 3 former bases leaders have been removed from the WSL board and all leadership of WSL.  There is now only our main base in Zwedru.  I direct this base and will approve, along with the WSL board in the USA, all the expenditures of WSL’s work in Liberia.

Even though we have experienced this great sin we want you to know that there has been great good accomplished.  The Gospel has been repeatedly presented in over 500 villages/towns throughout Liberia.  Through the sacrifice and efforts of our WSL team we have presented Christ in at least 10 of the 15 counties.  25,000 – 50,000 Bibles have been distributed.   100’s have been baptized and received spiritual training.  Churches have been started in many villages/towns and existing churches have been encouraged, strengthened and received training.  We have ministered extensively in all 5 Ivorian refugee camps in Liberia and shown the Jesus film in the language of the people to 1000’s. We have a powerful effective ministry in the prisons throughout Liberia, the hungry have been fed, housing provided for the homeless and the sick visited and treated.

The action taken toward those who have been corrupt, lied and stolen has been their removal from WSL.  We are now working to assist in bringing their repentance and restoration back into His church.

We will continue with great sacrifice and to the best of our ability with the resources we have to reach Liberia with the Gospel of Christ.

I have damaged your trust.  My sorrow is great.  Know that WSL board in the USA, WSL in Liberia and I are implementing changes in the hopes of regaining your trust. 

Thank you for your past prayers, sacrificial giving, and being a community of Christ with us. We pray that you will continue to be united with us as we continue to bring the love of Christ to Liberia.

WSL has been working on the audits and dealing with those few
who were corrupt for months.  We are now ready to move forward again.  You will be receiving reports of the fruit that comes after pruning soon.

Thank you, please remember Liberia and Wordsower Liberia in your prayers.