Monday, August 22, 2022

July 2022 End of Month Report

4 - Countries: Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia
7 - Bases - 4 in Liberia (Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County; Sinje, Grand Capemont County, Voinjama, Lofa County and Gbarpolu County), 1 base in Ivory Coast, 1 base in Sierra Leone, 1 base in Guinea
31 - Total counties we ministered in
352 - Total communities/villages/towns/cities we ministered in
38 - Churches we visited and worked with
3 - Churches started
147 - Total mission trips
70 - Persons were baptized
5 - Bible Marking completion
33 - WBI attended the level 1 section held in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia
41 - WBI attended the level 2 section held in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia
20 - WBI attended the level 1 section held in Ivory Coast
40 - WBI attended the level 3 section held in Ivory Coast
588 - Attended our 2 days workshops-training in 15 locations.
7,731 - Viewed the Jesus Film, 53 locations and 61 times shown.
4 - Community Radio stations broadcasting on
21 - Adult literacy school
18 - Dental patients, 15 teeth pulled.
37,000 - Press report, Copies printed, 145 booklets made (English)

Our on-site leaders and the donations of churches and individuals from abroad are bringing in a great harvest. We need the unity of us all, His Church, to accomplish his command to reach the world. Thank you for your love, and faith and for sacrificing with us. 

“Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20.

We are to go, make disciples of all nations, baptize, and teach the new disciples the word of God and to obey it. It is a process. All components are essential. Go for us means: to go to the lost, to evangelize. Last month we baptized 580 people. Most were from Muslim unreached tribes. The 580 that confessed belief in the gospel of Christ, repented of their sins and were baptized. Now our assignment is to disciple these converts. Recently we have started 5 new fellowships in towns of Muslim unreached tribes and are starting to construct church buildings for them to meet in. 

Imagine for unknown generations these closed, resistant, unreached tribes have now flung the door wide open. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. It is His timing. We have a team that advances and a team that comes from behind to unite the new converts into fellowships. We are making an effort to slow our advancement so that we can focus more on discipling. Yet we are constantly receiving invitations to enter other towns and villages of these tribes. In every community we enter there are salvations.  

Acts 16:6, says, “Having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.” Paul, one of the greatest missionaries in history, was kept by the Holy Spirit, from entering the Province of Asia. But later in Acts 19:8-10, it says, “Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly there for three months… He took the disciples with him and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. This went on for two years, so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the word of the Lord.” I’ve been told that the Province of Asia was about the size of three Kentucky’s. When the time was right the Holy Spirit opened the doors wide and there was a great revival that swept through the province. In two years, they reached the whole province, the size of three Kentucky’s. The province consisted entirely of unreached tribes. Let us pray for a reoccurrence of this Acts 19 passage.  

Urgent prayer request:

Our indigenous missionary team in Sierra Leone is seeing a powerful advancement of the gospel. Sierra Leone is in an upheaval. The political opposition is creating unrest. As they marched in the capital city, the police fired into the crowd killing many. Osman, our new young disciple, was in the crowd and was one of those who was shot and killed. He was about to graduate from the university. Our team is in a dangerous place. Their base is in the center of those of the opposition. A common response of governments is to go into these centers of opposition and do violent mass destruction. Pray for our team and the family of the lost disciple. 

Starting churches and assisting in the constructing of their buildings:

Commonly we will start by entering a churchless village/town, introduce ourselves to the Chief and ask for permission to show the Jesus Film. We have never received a “no” to our request. The chief, elders and residents are eager to view, a never before seen, big screen show in their language. Before showing we go door to door informing the people and giving a short testimony of Christ. After the show there are always salvations. Then come the baptisms. From the baptized we form a fellowship of believers for discipleship. Which is the birth of a house church. Later we assist them with a building roof. They will do the walls, windows and doors.  The picture below is of a newly formed, overcrowded house church. The other is of an existing church. We have started to cut the wood for both of their roofs. 

One reason a community is unreached is because they are hard to reach:

The short, 1 minute, video below shows the “roads” we use. Almost always a few, on our bases, are hobbling around because of an injury. Obed, one of our field leaders, is now resting on our base from an accident. He received 11 stitches across his lower abdomen from an accident (if he was in America, they would have put in twice that many).


The testimonies below come from our indigenous missionary bases. These bases are strategically located in the midst of resistant, unreached tribes. In the regions of our bases are towns that have never had churches. In the midst of these strongholds, we are seeing salvations. We are baptizing, discipling and starting churches. 

From our indigenous missionary team in Sierra Leone: 

  • “We are training the new converts from 36 different communities to be used as soldiers for our Lord Jesus Christ… 97% of the 615 new converts that were baptized were Muslims. We are training them to: know the scriptures, teach the scriptures, correct self-mistakes, live righteous lives and to be equipped for every good work. A designated team works with them. The team sets up fellowship groups in each of their communities. Pray that the Holy Spirit will make our plan successful.”
  • “We evangelized and baptized 42 people in Gborbana village… we returned to the village with the Jesus film as a means to encourage them in the faith as new converts. While in the process of setting up the equipment to show the film, a few of the new converts gathered under the mango tree and called us to them. They spoke of the persecution they were experiencing… We concluded a big meeting with Gborbana village and established a healthy community Church. Gborbana is a center of three churchless villages.” 
  • “We were teaching and preaching in a town. The Muslim people stopped us from preaching in the name of Jesus Christ! They were threatening the lives of the Christians… This is not a small thing… This morning we met and were told, “They are coming with violence!!!” … We called the security to come before the evening service started!... We were invited to do training. In the training remarks were made that blood will spill. Please join us in prayer!

From our indigenous missionary team in Ivory Coast:
  • “We have planted two house Churches: Last Sunday in Bably-Vaya there were 16 members and in Mado there were 31 members.”
From one of our teams in Maryland County, Liberia: 
  • “We have been ministering in Tuopeken… We finished a two-day workshop in the town, 37 attended… There is no church in the town, the town people came together and they said they want a church in the town, so we were able to established a small church. One of Wordsower field leaders is there now helping the new church.” 
From our indigenous missionary team in Grand Capemont County, Liberia: 
  • “7 souls were converted in the Matheselah village. Muslims are running to Jesus for salvation.” 
  • “Massade town was designated for all the disabled people. There are a lot of leprosy patients here. Wordsower has been teaching these people… They asked us to spend the night and show the Jesus film… They are over joyed and said, “finally someone has come with the gospel.” 
  • “Princess (name changed) was born Muslim from a town in Grand Capemont County. In May of 2020, Osazee led a training in Falie town. Princess attended the training. Soon after, she and her family moved far away. Later she contacted us and said that every time she sleeps, she will always find herself in church telling people about Christ. It continued for several months till she decided to tell her husband. But unfortunately, her Muslim husband was angry with her. She was not able to get rid of the visions that kept coming to her so she decided to become a believer and follow Christ. Her husband threw her out of the house with five children and a new pregnancy. She suffers a lot, but is always praying for solution. Her Muslim family told her that she would die with the belly during delivery. Princess kept praying until she gave birth safely. Now she's presently back in Grand Capemont County not far from our base. We are assisting. Please pray seriously for our sister both physically and spiritually.”
From our indigenous missionary team in Guinea: 
  • “Another two-day revival conducted in Guinea Kankan region, 63 persons attended, 9 persons accepted Christ! But there was serious problem from the Muslim people and we were taken to the Justice office! But praise God everything ended well.” Matthew 10:19-20 says, “When they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” 
From Field leaders on our main Zwedru base, Liberia:
  • Zoni Town had no church. Prince felt compelled by the Spirit to stop there, unscheduled. He discovered that there were three Christian women that would pray together at night. The town was complaining, saying that when the women pray that they will get headaches. The town elder and others told them that they need to leave the town. In the past, four other Christian groups came trying to start a church but were rejected and driven out. Zoni Town is a Satanic stronghold… was a Satanic stronghold! 
  • Prince came and gave testimony at our weekly field leaders meeting about his discovery in Zoni Town. Sarifina, one of our field leaders, also felt compelled by the Spirit to join Prince. They have gone to Zoni Town regularly. The Jesus film was shown and was fruitful, salvations were the result. The towns people were scared to unite with the Wordsower team because of persecution. After some time, the fellowship grew and Peter, from the town, fearfully agreed to lead the fellowship. The fellowship has grown to 25. The town elder who led the persecution of the 3 women is now attending the fellowship. A church has been birthed. The Zoni Town people are now telling our team that they need to also go to the other nearby churchless towns. Another stronghold of Satan has been destroyed!

Participate with us in praise and prayer:

  • Praise: One of our teams on mission was “arrested” by the Animist societal leaders. They have since been released. Pray as we continue to advance in the region.
  • Pray: One of our disciples, Osman, was shot and killed in Sierra Leone, during a political riot. Pray for Sierra Leone and the Osman family.
  • Pray: For our indigenous missionary teams, that they will continue to fearlessly, boldly and sacrificially advance the gospel into the unreached tribes.
  • Praise: Woodside Bible Church, near Detroit, has given us a $30,000 grant. The grant will be used to put a much-needed addition on our school building.
  • Praise: Our dental clinic has been officially accepted by the Liberia government to operate. Before we were, well, sort of, underground. 
  • Pray: For us we march into and live within the strongholds of Satan to, “snatch others from the fire and save them.” Jude 1:23.
  • Pray: “Finally, our friends, pray for us that the Lord's message may continue to spread rapidly and be received with honor, just as it was among you. Pray also that God will rescue us from wicked and evil people; for not everyone believes the message.” 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2.


100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January.

Check Donations:
Please make checks payable to the “Woodside Vision Foundation” designating “Wordsower Africa” on the memo line of the check. Please include your name and address for the receipt, if the information is not already on the check. Mail to:          
Woodside Vision Foundation
6600 Rochester Road
Troy Michigan 48085

If you have questions or problems with donations or want to contact me, Kim Smith, then
email me at I’m also available on the app called Whatsapp, the contact number is +231881344417

Summary of financial report for July:

$1,830 – Employee pay for 8 employees, Zwedru base
$675 – Assistance to the poor; medical, rent, school fees, funeral expenses - Zwedru base
$615 – Base expenses; food, maintenance, local transport – Zwedru base
$2,467 – Missions; sending teams into the remote villages – Zwedru base
$508 – Bike repairs – Zwedru base
$1,470 - Gas for bikes and generators – Zwedru base 
$665 – Radio broadcasting from 4 stations
$80 - Adult Literacy
$1,784 - Wordsower Bible Institute, level 1, 2-week class, Level 3, Zwedru, Liberia
$749 - Wordsower Bible Institute, level 2, 2-week class, Level 4, Zwedru, Liberia
$98 – Printing department – Zwedru base
$139 - Bookstore
$2,735 – Construction project – building a new kitchen
$350 – Dental department
$500 – Missionary Aviation Fellowship – they fly our supplies to us. Road impassible
$1,600 – Grand Capemont County missionary team is reaching 2 unreached Muslim tribes 
$1,600 - Lofa County missionary team is reaching 2 unreached Muslim tribes
$1,600 - Gbarpolu County missionary team is reaching 2 unreached Muslim tribes
$1,968 – Sierra Leone missionary team is teaching 1 unreached Muslim tribe
$2,500 – Ivory Coast mission team going to several unreached tribes
$1,700 – Guinea Missionary team
$1,200 – New bike for the Guinea team
$250 – Bank fees, the cost of receiving and sending money from USA and our international bases
$5,885 - Debt
Total – $32,970