Tuesday, July 9, 2019

June 2019 End of Month Report

Our Weapons used in June:
  • 5 were baptized
  • 36 missions were sent out in 5 Counties
  • 31 villages, towns or cities were ministered in. A mission may go to the same town more than once in a month
  • 50 attended our 2 week Wordsower Bible Institute class on our Zwedru base
  • 25 attended our 1 week Wordsower Bible Institute class in Sinoe County 
  • 146 attended a two-day training
  • 21 dental patients were treated and 26 teeth were extracted. We have the only dentist in 6 counties. The Gospel is presented to every patient, many of which are Muslims.
  • 79 homes received water filters systems in 2 villages. Every home receiving a filter also receives the Gospel. 109 homes had follow-up visits in 3 villages.
  • We have an hour radio broadcast every day. The broadcast presents the Gospel and teaches scripture. 
  • Hundreds of thousands of bibles have been distributed in over 1,000 villages. For those who are illiterate we have given away many audio Bibles on small memory SD chips, in their dialects, that can be used in phones and music players.

Nestor and Helena Tooua have been with us at Wordsower Liberia for 6 years. We met in an Ivorian refugee camp here in Liberia. As they continuously increased in producing lasting fruit they also increased in position in Wordsower Liberia. Nestor is on our board. Their family have lived on our base as leaders for 2 years and currently the assignment is Country Director of Ivory Coast. Helena died last week in what appears to be lung cancer. It was fast, we are in shock. Helena was important to many as a wife, mother, pastor’s wife, refugee camp leader and a leader of our mission. Please pray for the family.

On June 17-22 WSL received a training team from I-TEC (Indigenous People Technology and Education Center) from the USA. During the week-long training:
  • Two from the ITEC team trained 6 Liberians to extract teeth. Free dental service was provided to 83 persons extracting 151 teeth!!! Two of the critical dental patients were flown to Monrovia for further treatment.
  • One trained 4 Liberians in optical. They screened 164 persons. Over 80 persons received reading glasses and 26 persons received distance glasses. The total of 109 free glasses were given away to the public.
  • Another taught video production to 8 Liberians in teams of 2. We are using the videos to share our ministry here with supporters, share our trainings to those who do not have access to our school and sharing their Salvation testimonies.  
They left behind trained Liberians with equipment so that the work will continue. It was exciting to watch. This team of 4 ordinary American Christians have greatly sacrificed their lives, in active faith, for the lost and the strengthening of our Lord’s Church. They are using their skills, in sacrificial obedience, for the purposes of our Lord. I pray this will encourage us to follow their example. We possess, as they do, skills, possessions and money that will assist in reaching the unreached tribes of West Africa. Do not exclude or overlook yourself, follow the command of our Lord to reach the world. In unity, our Lord will multiply the fruit of our efforts.

The command of our Lord for us, His Church is: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mk 16:15. “The command of the eternal God… that all nations might believe and obey him.” Rom 16:26. “Repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations.” Lk 24:47. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” Mt 28:19. “I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.” Ac 13:47. The result of our obedience will be, “All nations will come and worship before you.” Rev 15:4.

In West Africa, where we are, there are 393 unreached people groups populated by147 million. Our Lord has command us, His Church, to go to them, to give them His Gospel that leads to salvation. Our Lord’s command is not an impossible task, but it can only be accomplished with the sacrifice of His people. This generation of His Church, united, through sacrifice, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit, can accomplish His command. None, who are His, is exempt from participating in the sacrifice.

Recently at the RZIM leadership training conference the question was asked of an African pastor, “What do you want to tell our church?” The answer was, “I beg you; do not compromise here in the West on the faith that we in Africa are dying for.” 

My prayer to our Lord, “Lord, we need increased provisions. Please open the flood gates of Your provision. Here we are, we are strategically positioned and trained.  We are in the foxholes eager, prepared willing to charge in obedience. But waiting, waiting for provision. Lord here we are, we will go. As You suffered, bleed, sacrificed and died for the lost and Your Church, we will also. Here we are, Lord, send us!”

For years, many of you have sacrificially donated to Wordsower Liberia. Thank you.  We continue to receive the donations that has sustained this ministry of the past. But we are growing. We have an indigenous mission team working with 3 unreached tribes in Liberia and we have just established a new base in Ivory Coast with the goal of going to the 36 unreached tribes of over 7 million. We now have teams prepared to go to the last 3 unreached tribes of Liberia and a team to go to Guinea that has 29 unreached tribes of over 11million. A team is also going to spy out the land of Northern Nigeria later this year, they have 95 unreached tribes of 59 million. But, we are on hold because the provisions to send them is not available. Please pray for us for increased provisions that we, His Church, united, is able accomplish His command to reach the nations of this generation.

Participate with us in Praise and prayer:
  • Pray for the Tooua family as they grieve the loss of Helena.
  • We praise our Lord for the sacrificial obedience of the ITEC team. They brought relief, hope and development.
  • Continue to pray for our first indigenous missionary team that has been sent to Capemount County. They are surrounded with three Muslim unreached tribes.
  • Truly the harvest is plentiful and the workers few. Pray for more indigenous harvesters. Pray that our Lord would send more Western missionaries.
  • Please pray with us, our growth here has increased and we are prepared for much greater growth. But, the available finances are not allowing us to send our prepared indigenous teams into the unreached tribes. Pray that we will receive an increase in donations.   
  • Pray for the safety of our teams. There are many dangers lurking.

    100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January.
    Please send donations to:
    Wordsower International
    16960 Sidney-Plattsville Rd
    Sidney, OH 45365

    Financial Report for June:
    Summary of expenses:
    $755 - Staff support for 7 employees
    $353 - Assistance to the poor           
    $462 - Radio Ministry    
    $983 - Base Expenses.  Covers food cost for the team, visitors and maintenance on the base.
    $386 – Mission; teams that are sent out to preach and teach
    $711 – Water filter team is in Maryland County installing home water filter systems
    $1,552 – Wordsower Bible Institute 2-week class in Zwedru our main base
    $561 – Wordsower Bible Institute 1-week class in Sinoe County
    $1,088 - Capemont Missionary team
    $82 – Printing press supplies and labor
    $380 – Motorbike maintenance and repairs
    $386 - Gas for bikes and generators
    $85 – Adult Literacy
    $700 – Wordsower Ivory Coast base
    Total $8,484