Thursday, April 28, 2016


WSL has been silent.  Sorry we have gone through major rebuilding of our Liberian team.  I pray the pruning is over for now.

I wanted to send an update.  The April end-of-month report will soon come.

Much exciting news!  We have a team of 4 from Woodside Church in Michigan coming to us next week for a 2 week mission trip.  Dan Parks, also from Woodside, has spent 8 months with us and will complete a year with us.

Our Wordsower Bible Institute is doing great!   We had hoped to have 15 students in this level 2 class, we have 40.  We teach 7 hours a day for 10 days.  They receive 70 hours of instruction at each of the 4 levels.  After classes on Thursday and Friday we ran our printing press till late.  We printed over 40,000 pages.  On Saturday the students, as volunteers, did base improvements and yard work.  They also produced over 1,300 - 28 page manuals. Most of these manuals will be carried by our class graduates as a tool as they go making disciples.  The students come from 8 counties of the 15 counties, representing over 1/2 of Liberia.

While the school is in session, Daniel on Monday and Tuesday will be working with a team translating and typing lessons into French for printing.  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this week we will be printing and making French manuals for the 3 refugee camps and Ivory Coast.  Within 2 months every refugee in the camps will have available, and should receive, the written word.  We also hope, in the same 2 months, to show the Jesus film in every camp.

The title of the 28 page manual is "What Must I Do To Be Saved?"  The subjects are: The Gospel, Salvation, Jesus Christ, Sin, Repentance, Forgiveness, Faith, Obedience, Heaven and Hell, God created you, Time and Separate from the world.  We have produced and distributed 1,000's of these manuals.

There are over 200 villages and towns in Grand Gedeh County.  In the last 2 months Daniel Parks and a Liberian has assessed the drinking water conditions and need for churches in every town and village of our county, with GPS coordinates for each one.  He also distributed our manuals and presented the Gospel in every one of the towns and villages of Grand Gedeh County!  He has suffered doing this.  Dan and team on one mission walked 22 hours in 3 days in the deep forest/jungle!!!  They were lost, sore, blistered and dehydrated.  He said it is the most he has ever suffered in his life.  On another trip he drank creek water to prevent dehydration and was so very, very sick for a few days.  Another time they were so exhausted and hot after hiking for hours in the deep forest/jungle that they laid in the creek to cool off.  He has had numerous bike wrecks, has bled, possibly broken a bone and been muffler burnt.  One trip they wreaked 20 times because of clay slick wet “roads”on a damaged bike.

Next week is the opening of our Literacy school.  On our Zwedru base we will be having night classes for level 1 and 2 students.

The refugee is the poorest of the poor.  The blind refugee truly suffers.  In one of the camps we work in there is a group that is blind.  They know Braille.  The hand of our Lord put into our hands a French Braille Bible!  It was no small celebration when we delivered it into their hands.  Thanks go to the volunteers of LBW who sacrificed and worked to do the typing.