Tuesday, June 21, 2011

May Ministry Report: Refugees, and Reaching the "Unreached"

The mission of Jesus, “not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Pet 3:9 NIV), is also our mission.

Wordsower Liberia exists for the purpose of going to all the villages and towns of Liberia to preach the good news, disciple, encourage and train existing church leaders and raise up leaders to start churches. Our mission is that every village of Liberia will have a church. Most of the towns and villages of Liberia have no church. We have worked in over 100 villages.

This month we made over 89 mission/ministry trips, visiting 57 villages, and other locations, going into 18 new locations and two new counties. Many of the places we visited multiple times, our longest trip was 14 days, shortest a few hours. We printed and distributed approximately 17,400 pages of teaching material and distributed hundreds of Bibles. This month we baptized 30, and 105 completed our extensive Bible study program. Our core team in Africa is: 1 from America, 1 from France, 5 Liberians. We have 19 Liberian ministers that travel with us to the interior villages, many trained pastors and field leaders also work with us. The team of supporters in USA and France are also many. We, as one united team, are all working together, under the leadership of Christ, for the kingdom of God in Liberia!

Sorry, May’s report is late. I was stuck in Maryland County. It is the most remote region, by road, from the capital. The roads are bad and to find transport is difficult. Our branch in Maryland is doing great.

We started a church in Bomi County, in the heart of the Gola people, about 2 years ago. This last visit we saw a healthy, active, and growing church that is evangelizing in other towns and villages. When we were there we baptized 7 and started worship services in two new churchless villages that will be led by the existing church leaders. Other towns and villages have invited us to start churches with them, and another existing church has united with us. The Joshua Project (Google it) classifies people groups, they call the Gola tribe “an unreached people group. Only 2% of the Gola have accepted Jesus as their Savior. The Gola are about 75% Muslim. Over 20% of the Gola still adhere to their traditional religious or animistic beliefs (belief that non-living objects have spirits). Ancestor worship is also commonly practiced. The population of the tribe is 136,000.” We have found Christians hidden among the Gola people who have been waiting for someone to start churches for them. Where we shared the gospel, even with the Muslim, they received it, rejoiced and invited us back.

The refugees from Ivory Coast have entered Liberia by the 1000’s. At best they have entered with no more than what they could carry, many with only what they wore. Fleeing for their lives most left behind destroyed homes and their dead loved ones. The UN has been unable to sufficiently provide food and shelter for them. They brought in thousands of tents that are melting in the heat and now leak in the rain. The food supplies are not enough and the trucks that deliver the rice are few and often broke down. We have been going to them starting churches and assisting refugees who have started them. We have also brought food as we have been able. One organization has donated to us 100’s of food packets that we have distributed to the mothers of the most malnourished children.

We continue to grow. This month we started work in two new counties. Our Lord unites us with people that we train, who then train those in their village. Our leaders continue to mature and take on more responsibility, producing more fruit. Our main branch in Zwedru is able to run without me and the branch in Maryland is running without me. This allows me to spend more of my time in the villages.

I had Typhoid in May, but have recovered.

Prayer request: “Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you. And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men, for not everyone has faith.” (2 Thes 3:1-3 NIV). Pray, also, that we will be able to rise up and send many indigenous leaders that will be able to bring in the large harvest that is waiting.

Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:
Sino County: Cass Town, Cheboken, Deedo, Gbliyee, Gardoway, Greeneville, Jaytoken, Joazon, Karquekpo, Putu Jadweodee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp), Pynes Town, Qutatozon, Seetor, Saydee, Senquene, Voobadee, Titus. Grand Gheda County: Badou, Bah, Bargblor, Barte-jam, Bawaydee, Beezon, Beh, Boe, Boundary, Compound, Dian, Dolozon, Dweh, Flehee, Franzaz, Garley, Gbarbo, Gbeyoubo, Gbloue, Gboleken, Gambo, Geeha, Gleplay, Gorbowrogba, Grady, Gwenebo, Jaibo, Jargbeh, Jarzon, Julutuzon, Jellu, Kohn, Konobo Ziah, Kpae, Kyne, Pellelzon, Polar Town, Polar Village, Savah, Sentrodu, Sewion 1, Sewion 2, Sinkon, Sloman, Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Solo Refugee Camp, Suahken, Toes Town, Toffoi, Togbayee, Tojillah, Toueah, Tuglor, Varglor, Willie Jellu, Wulu, Zarzar, Zeon, Ziulay, Zwedru, and the county prison, three road check stations, and the county hospital. Montserrado County: Monrovia. River Gee County: Cheboken, Dweaken, Fish Town, Geeken, Jarkaken, Jaytoken 1, Jaytoken 2, Kanweaken, Klaboken, Podroken, Putuken, Sargba, Tartiken. Bomi County: Beh, Jaway, Joes Town. Maryland County: Cain, Cavalla, Gbolobo, Harper, Kablaken, Lexicon, Pedebo, Pleebo, Philadelphia, Refugee Village, Rubber Bag Camp, Wuluplukredi, the county prison and the check point. Nimba County: Dialah, Graie, Guotoin, Kpaytuo, Tappita. River Cess: Gbee.

Thank you for your prayers, donations and encouragement,

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