Monday, April 9, 2012

"...the power of the Holy Spirit in action!"

Our mission is that every village of Liberia will have a healthy church.  Most of the towns and villages of Liberia have no church.  We have worked in over 200 villages in 8 counties. This month we made 57 mission/ministry trips, visiting 61 villages and other locations, going into 8 new locations.  Many of the places we visited multiple times, our longest trip was 6 days, shortest a few hours.  We printed and distributed 5,600 pages of teaching material and distributed hundreds of Bibles, 26 were baptized and 33 completed our extensive Bible study program. Several factors affect how many mission trips we can go on each month; illness, injuries, motorbikes repaired, the availability of gas and money are some.

This month we diverted money and manpower from doing standard mission trips to bringing leaders to us to attend training conferences.  Jean-Francois Gotte came from France and stayed with us for the month.  He taught conferences and ministered throughout the month.  We did three, three-day conferences.  We also did three-day and two-day conferences in two refugee camps, 3 days in the prison and several one-day meetings.  We showed the Jesus film several times in the native languages to approximately 2,000 people, hundreds came forward to pray and be prayed for. People from more than 60 villages and towns attended the conferences; they represented approximately 100 churches we either started or are united with.

Jean-Francois has an unusual ministry. He will spend three days teaching, much is about the Holy Spirit.  At the end people will come forward for prayer.  He will put his hands on their heads and pray for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Most collapse, as many as 20-50 people will be on the ground.  I was one. When he prayed for me, everything went white and I passed out. The prison here houses some of the most vicious, brutal evil people on earth. Now, imagine 40 of them on the prison floor at different levels of consciousness praying. That is the power of the Holy Spirit in action!
Highlights of the month:
The fruit of healing:  We were ministering at a church in a Muslim community.  Christine, the French missionary who has joined us, prayed for a Muslim man that had a swollen damaged foot that was causing him great pain.  The next day he came to her excited.  His foot was healed and he wanted to become a Christian.  Christine spent time with him teaching and they prayed for his salvation.  He is now a part of that local church.  The Muslim community is now hearing his testimony about this miracle.

Satanic ritual killings: As I was traveling from Monrovia to Zwedru (it took 24 hours to travel 300 miles) a town had blocked the road.  A 10 year old girl had be grossly mutilated and killed as a sacrifice.  They had caught the ones who did it and turned them over to the police.  The police, probably a part of the same cult, allowed them to escape.  The town was in an uproar!  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for God’s people to do nothing.  Satan cannot stand against the Gospel!  Here the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and His forceful people are attacking Satan’s kingdom (Matt 11:12).  The fight and fatalities are real.  But, fear not, Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it.” (Matt 16:18).  

Prayer Request:  Last month we saw demons cast out, healings, and people baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Pray that this is just the beginning.  Pray that we will go forward with boldness and power, that the stronghold of Satan will be broken and multitudes will come to Christ for their salvation.

Thank you for your prayers, donations and encouragement,

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance.  The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  C. S. Lewis.

Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:
Sino County: Bardoua, Bilibokee, Charlic, Cass Town, Chebioh, Cheboken, Dagbe, Deedo, Dejila, Fanfin, Funnioh, Gbliyee, Gardoway, Greeneville, Geelor, Jalay, Jaytoken, Joazon, Jokoken, Judu, Karquekpo, Kilo, Korjayee, Kuwait Gold mining camp, Nyennwlejen, Pellkon, Pokpaken, Putu Jadweodee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp), Pratt, Pynes Town, Qutatozon, Saygbeken, Seetor, Saybaken, Saydee, Senquene, Titus, Voobadee, Wiah.  Grand Gheda County: Badou, Bah, Bargblor, Barte-jam, Bawaydee, Beezon, Beh, Bently Mining Camp, Best, Biah Tarway, Billibo, Boe,  Boley,  Border, Boundary, Chayee, Chebeh, Compound, CVI gold mining camp, Dian, Dolozon, Dougee Refugee Camp, Duo Town, Dweh,  48 mile, Franzaz, Garbo, Garley, Gbarbo, Gbeyoubo, Gbloue, Gboe,  Gboe Geewon, Gboleken, Gambo, Geeha, Gleplay, Gorbowrogba, Grady, Gwenebo,  Jaibo, James’s Sayon’s, Jargbeh, Jarwleh, Jarzon, Jayteken 1, Jayteken 2, Jellu,  John David, Jonesgbaye, Julutuzon, Karlowleh, Kohn, Kojayee, Konobo, Ziah, Kpae, Kyne, Kwebo, Nico, Old Pohan, Panwolor, Pellelzon, Penokon, Peter Saydee, Pineapple village, Polar Town, Polar Village, PTP refugee camp, Savah, Saylee, Sayubo, Sentrodu, Sewion 1, Sewion 2, Sinkon, Sloman (a gold mining camp), Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Solo Refugee Camp, Sowaken, Steven, Suahken, Taye’s Village, Tiama, Toes Refugee Camp, Toes Town, Toffoi, Togbayee, Tojillah, Toueah, Tuglor, Varglor, Vleyee, Whybo, Willie Jellu, Woloken, Wulu, Zarzar, Zaiyee, Zeon, Ziulay, Zwedru, the county prison, 4 road check stations, and the county hospital.  Montserrado County:  Monrovia.  River Gee County:  Cheboken, Dweaken, Fish Town, Geeken, Jarkaken, Jaytoken 1, Jaytoken 2, Kanweaken, Klaboken, Podroken, Putuken, Sargba, Tartiken.  Bomi County:  Beh, Jaway, Joes Town.  Maryland County: Cain, Cavalla, Gbolobo, Dakay, Dannis, Dibleken, Factory, Fish, 6 locations in Harper, Holegrn, Judy’s, Kablaken, Lexicon, Little Weleppo Refugee camp, Middle town, Nekpachelu, Nemelken, New half and Whole Graway Towns, Old Lady, Olegravic, Pedebo, 4 locations in Pleebo, Philadelphia, Poceken, Pulla, Refugee Village, Rock, Rubber Bag Camp, Saydeken, Saywonken, Siliken, Warteken, Weah’s Town, Wuluplukredi, the county prison and check stations.  Nimba County: Beatwo, Camp 1, Dialah, Freeman, Glalay, Gonkopa, Graie, Guotoin, Kpaytuo, Miller, Noway, Sarlay, Tappita, Towah, Unification, Venn, Wontoe, Yiteepea, Your Peg, Zarwulugbo, Zautuo.  River Cess: Darhga, Gbee.

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