Thursday, October 22, 2015

September 2015 Ministry Report

WSL is in Crisis

A great tragedy has occurred within WSL.  Don and I, the American team of WSL in Liberia, are filled with sorrow and shame to have to make this report.  When you donate, you put your trust in us to see that your donation is used for our mission to see a healthy church in every village and town of Liberia.

One of our Liberian board members who has been with us for 7 years was caught stealing from WSL.  His name was on our bank account and did the banking for our Bong County branch.  He stole $3,800 USD before he was caught.  He has been removed from our board and from WSL completely.

Our board in the USA has discontinued sending ministry money (they are continuing to send food money to our team) until a complete audit can be completed throughout all 3 of our bases.  WSL was shut down for most of August and all of September.  We do not know when our investigation will be complete.  In order to protect you, the donors, investments in the ministry here in Liberia WSL will continue to be shut down until this investigation has been completed.

Nelson and his disciple baptizing at PTP Refugee camp.  Nelson is on the right
Nayford George

New WSL Board Members:  

WSL has elected two new board members, Nayford George and Nestor Towah.  They are spiritual fathers with a long proven track record of faithfully serving God.  They have both been working as pastors for many years, they have evangelized, discipled, and started churches.  Their character has been proven over the years to be trustworthy.  They have met the qualifications of an elder.  We believe that they will assist in leading us under the headship of Christ, our Savior.

Welcoming Daniel Park: 

Daniel, from Woodside Bible Church in Michigan, has come to live and minister with us for a year. He is 23 years old and a graduate of Oakland University with a degree in marketing.  He believes our Lord has called him as a full time missionary.  His passion is to start churches in an unreached people group.  The purpose of spending a year here is for us to train him as a missionary.  

A few of our sponsored children meeting for prayer before school

Sponsorship of Children:  

This month our ministry in Gbarnga, Bong County, assisted 52 children with their school fees and school uniforms.  Also these 52 children received daily food and other assistance as needed.

Prayer requests:  

Pray for WSL we are under great sorrow at the loss of our board member because of his sin of embezzlement.  Pray that our Lord will reveal additional corruptions if they exist as we do an in depth investigation.  Pray for a great revival to sweep through this country, pray that Liberia will have a healthy church in every village in our generation, and pray for our leaders who truly suffer for the Gospel.  Please make this a regular item in your regular prayers.

September Statistics:  

  • We entered a new country, Ivory Coast
  • We went on 38 mission trips.  Many towns we went to more than once.  A mission trip can last a day or up to a week and go into many villages and towns.  
  • We ministered in 15 towns, villages and communities
  • We ministered in 1 new town
  • Our leaders are not going on official missions out of town but are going throughout their “Jerusalem” with passion.
  • 12 people were baptized
  • 31 people completed our extensive Bible study program
  • We distributed 100’s of Bibles

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance.  The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  C. S. Lewis.

September Expenses:  

Mission expenses:

$406 – Pens, folders, Bibles, mission trips feeding, etc.
$684 – Motor bike gas and repair.  Gas costs from $5 to $10 a gallon.    

Wordsower Bible Institute:

$350 - Print Shop supplies, paper, and parts.  Purchased a new copier.

Assistance to the poor:

$245 – Humanitarian assistance
$17 – Medical expenses (average treatment cost per person is $1.00 - $10.00).
$2,745 – Assistance to Ebola Orphans, sponsored children and suffering children

Team food and house supplies:

$2,492 – Food and house supplies (close estimate).  Our core team consists of 9 adults and 10 children.  To cover food, rent, school fees, wages, etc.  Also, we feed visitors every day from our house funds

$6,938 - Total for the month.     THANK YOU!   

Donations should be mailed to:
Wordsower International
16960 Sidney Plattsville Rd
Sidney, Oh 45365

Donations can also be made online by going to our web page: 
All donations are tax deductible.  A receipt will be sent in January.  100% of all donations go for the mission to the Liberians and refugees.  None is used for me or administration.  If you have any questions concerning donations you may call Tom Looker at 937-489-8090.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Kim Smith and Don Riley

Counties, Cities, Towns, and Villages we have been working in:

Bomi County: 
Beh, Jaway, Joes Town, Tubmansburg.  

Bong County:
Baptist Clinic Community, Belefana, Blama, Chief Compound, Cuttington Univeristy, Dans, Deemita, Dorkpolorsue, Duita, Foebilla, Foloblai, Galatua, Gbalatua, Ganyea, Gbarnga, Gbarnga Central Prison, Gbarsue, Gbechon, Gbenniquileh, Gboque, Gbolue, Gbo-yhea-nyan,  Henry,  Henry Kpangbai,  James Flomo, Janyea, Jimmey,  John Suah,  Kakamue, Kandagai, Khakie, Kolleh’s, Kpaiketa, Kokoyah Community,  Kopata, Kortu, Kpon, Kponyea, Kpatawee, Lelekpayea, Lucky, Martarly, Moieta, Phebee Junction, Qualayarkuke, Sakpalah, Samay, Sengbeh, Smith, Suakoko, Tamayata, Taylor, Tuankan, Tubman Army Barracks.  

Grand Bassa County:
Baccoline, Botata, Barkon, Beh-La, Beletanla, Blameyea, Bucket-Ta, By-Dawoe, Bucannon Dayes, Goah, Nagbeh, Nyudeh, Penney. 

Grand Gedeh County:
Albert, Army barracks, Badou, Bah, Bakor, Banana, Banglo, Bar, Bargblor, Barker,  Bartejam, Bassa, Bassa Village 1 and 2, Bawaydee, Beagompo, Beezon, Beh, Bellyalla, Benin, Benla, Bently Mining Camp, Best, Better Hill, B’hai Tarway, B’Jozon, Blessing Hill, Billibo, Blown, Blue Camp, Boe, Boley, Boplue, Borbor Freeman, Border, Boundary, Bouduo, Brown, Buhou,  Butor, Cartumacy, Chandy, Chayee, Chebeh, Chebeor, Chensla, Chete, Civil, Compound, Crahold, Cotton tree Community, CVI gold mining camp 1, 2, 3, 4, Dark Forest Camp, Deplay, Deyan, Diahn, Disco Hill, Dogbar, Dolozon, Dougee Refugee Camp, Doubah, Double Bridge, Ducas Wulu, Duo Town, Dweh,  Enoch Nahn, Era, Fish Pond, 48 mile, Franzay, Freeman, Frinkey, Gambo, Gambo Road Community, Garbo, Garley, Gave Thank Shilue, Gardweh 1 and 2, Garkel, Garley, Gaye, Gbakah, Gbarbo,  Gbarken,  Gbarzon, Gbarbor, Gbarzon Inside, Gbayea, Gbeyoubo, Gborlue, Gboe, Gboan, Geewon, Gboleken, Gborabo, Gambo, Geeha, Geeyah, Gleplay, Gloropardee, Go Look, Golo, Gorabert, Gorbowrogba, Goyeazohn, Graddeh, Grady, Grebo, Guagbo, Gwein, Gweledee, Gwenibo, Jaboe, Jackson, Jaibo, Jallah, James Glortoe, James Sayon’s, Jarbah, Jargbeh, Jarwleh, Jarzon, Jayjai, Jayteken 1, Jayteken 2, Jellu,  Jerry Tiah, Jimaca Camp, Joe’s, Joe’s Mother, Johban, John David, Jonesgbaye, Juahzon, Julutuzon, Juwar, Kadifah, Kanbli, Kanneh, Karlowleh, Kartumaside, Kayne, Kohn, Kojayee, Konobo, Koor, Kpallo, Krah, , Kpay, Kulee, Kuma, Kwebo, Lawrence,  Ma Esther, Map Office, Menyea, Middle East Camp, Mind Your Own Business, Momom Camp, Moses, Morris, Morris Dowho, New York gold mining camp, Neplubo, New Zwedru, News, Nyennawliken, Nico, Panwolor, Papa Hill Gold Camp, Papayea, Peace Hill, Pellelzon, Pennue 1 and 2, Community, Penokon, Peter Saydee, Philip Torh, Pohan New and Old, Pineapple village, Ply, Plapp, Ploe Bodee, Pola, Polar Town, Polar Village, Pokor, Popo, Pourhyonnoh, PTP refugee camp one and two, Queboe, Rancy, Sally, Saiwaken, Sant, Savah, Savior Worbey, Saycon, Saylee, Sayebo, Sentrodu, Sewion 1, Sewion 2, Shouken, Sinkor, Sloman (a gold mining camp), Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Solo Refugee Camp, Sowaken, Steven, Suahken, Tactyville, Tagbayah,Talorkan, Taryee Beaway, Taye’s Village, Techiensla, Teladee, Tempo, Tiama, Tobolee, Toes Refugee Camp, Toes Town, Toffoi, Togbayee, Togbolee, Tojillah, Toueah, Towah, Tuglor, Tuzon inside, Tuzon outside, Vanyeazon 1 and 2, Varglor, Vleyee, Whybo, Wilking Paye Camp, Willie Jellu, Winner Gardueh, Wlagbo, Woloken, Wulu, Yardglo, Yarlee, Youbor, Zai, Zarzar, Zaiyee, Zaybay 1 and 2, Zeon, Ziah, Zilaken,  Ziulay, Zoe Bush, Zuabah, Zwedru, the county prison, 4 road check stations, and the county hospital.  

Grand Kru County:
Baclaville City, Baclaville Check Point, Beach,  Beloken, Barclay, Bewane, Blikpo, Boniken, Big Suehn, Camp Spin, Ceitaa, Cladia, Company Camp, Dayokpo, Diakpo, Doubbo, Dweaken, Farina, Feeder-klee, Galaway Beach, Gbarken, Gbenken, Gblebo, Gedebo, Geneken, Genoyah, Glabroken, , Glabroken, Grand Cess, Iron Bridge, Jlatekpo, Jokekpo, Kladipah, Kelekpo, Klekali,  Leaceco, Newaken, Newinyen  Beach, Nokia, Nrokuia, Pinecess, Pity, Pogbaken, Poor River Big Town, Poor River Middle Town, Sass, Solokent, Solokpo, Sorroken, Tarpleh, Togba-klee, Topoh, Wilsonville, Woelowinken, Wropluken, Yambo, Ylatuen, Zoloken.  

Lofa County:
Voinjama, Zorzor.

Margibi County:
Army barracks, Barclay, Bovclay, Brown, Dolos Town, Harbel camp 7, Kpuyah, Mazoe, Naway, Sherflin Barak, Takata.

Maryland County:
Bann Village, Barreken, Biladimour, Bonnikek, Brownell, Cain, Cavalla, Cavalla Konukridi, CRC Camp 3 and Camp 8, Gbolobo, Gbon, Dakay, Dannis, Dibleken, Doloken, Driver’s Camp, Dugboken, Dweaken, Face, Factory Camp #1, Factory camp #2, Factory Camp #3, Feloken, Fish, Free, Gbanken, Gbaso, Gboloken, Gedetabo, Geeken, Glofaken 1 and 2, Gwissiken, Halfgrayway, 7 locations in Harper, Henugba, Hnabo, Holegrn, Hospital Camp, Jebaiken, Judy’s, Kablaken, Karloken, Kings, Klodikle, Koffi, Koffibeo #1, #2, #3, Koluso, Konusod, Lexicon, Libsuco, Little Weleppo Refugee camp, Refugee Camp Town, Marfliken, Middle town, Nekpachelu, Nemelken, New Half and Whole Half, New Sodoken, Number 8 Camp, Graway Towns, Old Lady, Olegravic, Pedebo, 4 locations in Pleebo, Philadelphia Gold Mining Camp, Poceken, Pogbaken, Ponken, President Tubman farm camp #1&2,Pular, Pulla, Puluken, 
Quiloken, Refugee Village, Rock 1 and 2, Rock Town, Rubber Bag Camp, Saleken, Saydeken, Sawlowken, Saywonken, Siliken, Spring Hill, Teaken, Tugbaken, Warteken, Weah’s Town, Wechoken, Weleken Wholegrayway, Wuluplukredi, Wutuken, Yederobo Nyanbo Wessiken, Yederobo Wessiken, Ylehiken, Yelibibou, Ylahken, Yobloken, Yoploken, Yourken, Yulukridi, the county prison and check stations.  

Montserrado County:
Bannerville, Barkley Farm, Bassa, Gbenbah, Jacob town, Monrovia, New Georgia, Pipeline.  

Nimba County:
Beatwo, Borbor, Boyee, Bleaseh, Burtein, Buutuo, Camp 1, Dialah, Dinplay, Fienney, Fluma, Freeman, Ganta,  Geapa, Gbanquoi, Gbanolu, Gbarwea, Glalay, Gonkopa, Gougartwo, Graie, Guotoin, John Strother, Karbah, Kpallah, Kpaytuo, Kpiekpoa, Kwendin, Logan, Mentor, Miller, Noway, Puayaker, Saclepea, Sagba, Sarlay, Tanwea, Tappita, Yopedi, Towah, Unification, Venn, Whea, Wontoe, Yiteepea, Your Peg, Wesseken, Zahnzayee, Zarwulugbo, Zautuo.  

River Cess County:
Darhga, Gbee.  

River Gee County:
Bletiken, Cheboken, Deabo Klibo, Deabo Parken, Deabo Saykliken, Deabo Tugbaken 9, Deabo Youwolken,  Dweaken,  Fish Town, Fish Town Prison, Gbaweleken,Geeken, Jarkaken, Jarlatuken, Jaytoken 1, Jaytoken 2, Kanweaken, Kaytoken, Klaboken, Knonowloken, Knowluken, Myoken, Nyennawliken, Pairloken, Podroken, Putuken, Sargba, Sueaken, Sherriken, Suwloken, Sweaken, Tartiken, Tuaken, Tuobo, Tuumaken, Wartiken, Weah’s, Webbo Knoroken, Welegboken, Whesatuken, Worleken.  

Sinoe County:
Alvin Koon, Bah, Bannah, Bardoua, Beatuoken, Beeweyee, Bilibokee, Bluebarrack, Blumsville, Bluntville, Boah, B.O.P.C., Bortu Junction, Charlie, Cass Town, Ceeubo, Chea, Chawlue, Cheepoyee, Chebioh, Cheboken, Congo, Cura Wah, Dagbe, David Kuma, Deedo, Dejila, Deyankpo, Diayankpo, Dioh, Dodueken, Donnah, Dorwon, Down, Down the Mangrove, Eni, Farmersville, Fanfin, Fish, Funnioh, Gardoway, Gbalawin, GBC, Gbason, Gbliyee, Gbojuelville, Gbowe, Geblo logging camp, Geekin, Geekloh, Geelor, Grasphy, Greeneville, Greft, Greenville Hospital, Grigsby Farm, Jalay, Jaypoto, Jaytoken, Joazon, Joe Village, Jokoken, Jonny-Boy, Joseph Bloch, Juahnneh, Judu, Kakpo, Kamus, Karquekpo, Katuzon, Kelgbeh, Kilo, Kitatuzon, Korjayee, Kpantan, Kuwait Gold mining camp, Kwitouh, Lexington, Louisiana, Mama Creek, Melvin Lai, Money Camp, Monueh, Murraysville, Neinplikpo, New Kru, New, Nyanphio, Nyennwlejen, Nyonpoh Barrack, Panama, Patern, Patricia, Paul, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp), Pellkon, Penny, Plandiaba, Planksite, Pokpaken, Putu Jadweodee, , Poblee, Poheh, Po-River, Pogbaken, Polay, Prapee, Pratt, Prison of Sino County, Puogbaken, Pynes Town, Qutatozon, Red Hill, Saikas, Sackor, Sarpo Community, Sargbah, Saygbeken, Secthon Juaryan, Secthon New, Seebeh, Seedubo, Seth, Seetor, Saybaken, Saydee, Senquene, Seakpa, Seekon Pellokan, Sennajalh, Shakepeh, Shagbe, Shalee, Snoboe, Spansor Baily,  Spoken Boots,  Swangba, Swenpon, Tabti, Tarta, Tawn, Teah, Terison Gee, Tiakah, Titus, Tudee, Tuobo, Unification, Voobadee, Wiah, Wreenewet,  Zanwonjah, Zayzaz Kollie. 

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