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December 2016 end of month report

                          December 2016 End of Month Report
In December the Gospel of our Lord was presented to 1,000’s.  We went on 31 missions in 6 counties impacting 68 villages and towns and doing 7 three day conferences.  Our projector was used 14 times showing the Jesus film and other Christian training films to over 2,000.  We baptized 46 people.  Many made confessions of faith asking our Lord for salvation and forgiveness.  We printed 80,000 pages of Bible training material. 

Christmas – Dresses for the girls, glasses for the boys, rice and candy for all.  A grand day of celebration!  We ended with the Jesus Film for the community.

We are constructing a new much needed press shop.  We hope to have it finished in 3-4 months.  We have a good start.  Foundation will be complete this week.

A Testimony from a Recent Church Plant Pastor:
Alex Tolah is from Vleyee Town.  Here is his testimony.  “I first met WSL in 2013.  They encouraged us to start a church and have faith in Christ Jesus.  We never had a church in our town of 45 houses (that is about 350-400 people).  They kept coming and teaching.  Those who were coming to us were Victor, Messiah, Osazee and Isaac, they would come plenty.  They helped me to start a church.  They helped cut the sticks, built the building and daubed it.  Today we have about 45 adults who attend.  Most of our teaching in church and Sunday school comes from the teachings of WSL.  Many of us have completed the Bible marking and have certificates.  With WSL we have baptized 14 and serve communion in our church as we were taught by WSL.”

A Letter I Received:
“Dear Kim Smith,
This is to inform you that we the people of Balabo Upper Konobo District we are kindly asking the board to please help us to see reason to send leaders to give us some word of encouragement which is the Bible because our people are living in the dark world and some of us we cannot read and write.  We have the vision but we need someone to empower us and we also hear much about your motto Matt 28:18-20 please come to our cry we are expecting Bro Ben and Peter to come on 22 of December 2016.  May the Lord bless you.”  It was signed by the town chief. 

Reports of Disciples Returning from Mission:
Unedited - “The workshop went great we had 65 adults and 26 children the first night… Three persons were baptized on the last day.  We showed the Jesus film 2 nights in Kilo Town and one night in Greenville.  The participants requested another workshop.”

Unedited – “The first day was spent in Sinkor Town.  Melvin taught on the “Great Commission” as least 11 persons was present.  After the teaching Messiah elaborated on the coming of WSL, the Bible school the various levels.  The next day was spent in Glorkpadee town.  Messiah taught on “Time” as least 6 persons were present in the house church.  After the church, one Charles Flomo was so encouraged with the teaching that he appealed to WSL that he want to be pastor and the entire town requesting for church so we also teach and explain about WSL Bible college from level 1 to level 4.  At length we pray with them and took off for Zwedru”… (this is another report from that region) “The three days were spent in Glorkpadees town.  Messiah taught on “Repentance” the first day.  The second day Messiah taught on “Salvation”, in the morning.  In the evening Melvin taught on “Starting a Church” which was the last day both Melvin and Messiah teach on “Baptism”, many promise to be baptized by our returning.  On the contrary one Charles Flomo praying and requesting to be pastor of Glorkpadee town.  There are four towns in the region that has no church so Charles is asking WSL to come for the various levels and gets well understanding of the Bible.”

Unedited – “One hour of house to house teaching was done in William Koon village that contains about 7 houses and huts on two lessons “Repentance” and “Reasons not to Sin”…. In the next town (I was led by God to do teaching outside a club where they play checkers and Ludu) There was a huge attendance there seeing this as the first of its kind for Gospel teaching to be done in such a place.  Many of them were not Christians and don’t attend church and some were Devil followers.  Recorded attendance was 49 persons.”

Unedited – “There were so many people came in contact with after teaching the Gospel Picture I am not able to name them… I also visited Ganta Main Street where I taught about Jesus Christ… and even in the entertainment centers…  At the end of the program 5 persons received Christ and accepted Him as their savior and they were baptized on the 25th of December.”

·        $871 Missions – includes feeding, compensation, rice for conferences
·        $475 Bikes – includes gas, parts and labor
Printing Press Shop - $1,200 –- Purchased enough paper to print 200,000 pages, toner, generator fuel, and labor
Humanitarian - $878 – Assisted many for Christmas, assisted with food, rent, clothing and medical care
Base expenses
·        $137 cook labor – we cook for 10-20 every day during construction and up to 80 when our Bible Institute is in session.
·        $186 security labor – our doors and windows are secure, so thieves cut through our metal roof to enter.  This now requires us to have security at night.
·        $230 compensation for 2 staff members
·        $95 base supplies and maintenance
·        $400 house food
Press shop construction – $2,010 – Includes purchasing tools and material, tree and stump removal, footer completed, making of cement block completed and hundreds of dirt block made.  It also includes the cost of their feeding.
$6482 – Total

Pray requests:  We praise God for a great past year and believe the next will be greater.  Pray for our Bible Institute that opens this month, each class lasts 2 weeks.  Praise God for answered prayer, we are sending 2 to Monrovia this month to learn how to pull teeth.  In our region of maybe 1-2 million there is no dentist.  They will return with the chair, equipment and knowledge on how to pull teeth.  Pray that all will go well and that they can travel as dentists and ministers from village to village.  Praise God we will be receiving enough water filters for every home in every small remote village of our county.  Pray that as we share the Gospel, we will be able to put these water filters in every home.  Dirty drinking water is the second greatest killer in Liberia.

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