Tuesday, September 4, 2018

August 2018 End of Month Report

Our Mission is to see a healthy church in every village of Liberia. It takes many weapons to fight and win a war. Wordsower Liberia has many weapons:

15 were baptized this month.

In August, we had 18 missions that were sent to 34 villages in 5 different counties.  In these villages we do evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and pastoral training.  A mission can be out for several days. 

We also did 4 two-day trainings in 4 counties. Many are unable to attend our school, so we send teams out to do trainings in their local area. These trainings are designed for spiritual leaders and pastors.

61 attended and completed our Wordsower Bible Institute 2-week, Level 2 English class. The Bible Institute trains the students in Bible doctrine, discipleship, starting churches, and becoming missionaries. This is the second largest class that we have ever had.

Our filter team did 232 follow-up visits and installed the last 19 filters in our county.  We also repaired a well pump for the prison. The prison’s well broke down and they were drinking rain water caught from the roof. Today they are drinking clean well water.

We have an hour radio broadcast every day which presents the Gospel and teaches scripture.

Our printing press team printed 56,380 pages of teaching material and made 730 manuals.

Our dentist treated 29 patients and extracted 37 teeth. We have the only dentist in a 5 county region.

We have distributed hundreds of thousands of bibles in over 1,000 villages and have handed out many audio Bibles. These audio Bibles are installed on small memory chips in their dialects that can be used in phones and music players.

Below are some pictures of our Bible Institute that finished at the end of August:

61 students attended our level 2 class on discipleship. Our second largest class. We had to scramble to find enough chairs, mattresses and sheets. 
No suit, no tie, no shoes.  Loving Liberia.

There are 3 cooks for preparing food for as many for 80. Others jump in to reduce the load

The deer here are smaller. We eat many. These are dried.
We baptized 15 in these waters in August. They are inhabited by Pythons. A couple days after baptizing we ate a python from this area…Better them then us 😊
These 61 trained disciples are from 8 counties. They are returning to spread the Gospel throughout their region.

Participate with us in Praise and prayer:
  • Praise God! Our shipments by air and land arrived safely, nothing was stolen or damaged. We have one more coming by sea. Pray it will arrive safely without anything stolen or damaged.
  • We are sending a missionary team to Grand Capemont County to the Vai and Gola unreached Muslim tribes in September to assess the land. Pray our Lord will open doors and that they will be received and be able to start a school within these tribes.
  • I have to return to Monrovia to get visas for Ivory Coast and Nigeria and get additional supplies for our base. Pray that I will be able to get these visas.
  • Truly the harvest is plentiful and the workers few. Pray our Lord will send out more harvesters into the field. Everywhere we go we are warmly received and begged to return. We need more workers… You're invited!

100% of all donations go to the mission. None is used for administration. Tax-deductible receipts will be sent each January.
Please send donations to:
Wordsower International
16960 Sidney-Plattsville Rd
Sidney, OH 45365

Financial Report
$915 - Staff support for 7 employees
$303- Assistance to the poor                   
$286 - Radio Ministry   
$70 – literacy Ministry.  4 classes of students meet each week.
$626 - Base Expenses.  Covers food cost for the team, visitors and maintenance
$777 – Missions
$632 - Printing Press
$485 - Bookstore
$467 - Gas for bikes and generators
$613 - Bike repair
$2139 - Wordsower Bible Institute. Food, housing, training material, transportation and teacher pay for 61 students for 2 weeks
$100 - Bank to bank money transfer fees.  Liberian banks charge transfer fees when we send money.

Grand total $7,772

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