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June '14: "Satan is alive and fighting mad."

Our mission is that every village of Liberia will have a healthy church.  Most of the towns and villages of Liberia have no church. We have worked in over 400 villages in 12 counties.  This month we made 93 mission trips, visiting 99 villages and other locations and we made many other local mission trips. Some of the towns we were in multiple times. We went into 17 new communities.  Our longest mission trip was 7 days the shortest a few hours. 36 were baptized and 52 completed our extensive Bible study program. 27 completed our 2 week Bible Institute.  We printed and distributed approximately 41,000 pages of training material.  Several factors affect how many mission trips we can go on each month; illness, injuries, and availability of money are some.  

Some highlights of the month

Liberian martyrs:  Drogdroken is a gold mining camp. It has its god (demon) that controls the camp.  It also has its priests.  The priests are powerful and bring great fear and respect.  In the recent past, two pastors went into the camp to preach.  As they were walking out they were ambushed and cut to pieces with machetes. Christians are not welcome!

Messiah is one of our new young disciples who was in the camp trying to hustle money for his school fees.  He gives testimony of what he experienced while in the camp:  One of the priests of the god entered the camp. He filled the camp with fear.  They believe that when the priest shouts their gold will disappear and when he curses someone they will die.  That night the priest slept with the camp leader.  The next morning the camp leader was dead, blood had run out of his nose and ears and his gold missing.  Two Christians emerged.  They went in and prayed for the camp leader for several hours while the priest was yelling and shouting curses on them.  That evening the man started to shake, sat up and soon had fully recovered.  The priest ran.  The camp residents had watched the whole event.  Later they gathered, discussed and decided to kill the Christians. They loved their gold and were afraid their god was angry and that all their gold would disappear. The Christians were warned and escaped unharmed.

WSL has yet to enter this region.  Messiah wants to return one day but now is still full of fear.

Poison:  Samuel, one of those we are united with and assist, is doing a great job going from village to village in Grand Bassa County.  He evangelizes, disciples and starts churches in churchless towns and villages.  He was teaching a 3 day workshop that we sponsored.  His food was dished up and put to the side as he was teaching. After teaching he went to his food and saw black powder had been sprinkled on it.  Immediately he knew what it was. Taking it to others brought unrefuted confirmation: Poison! It was a very powerful poison that brings quick death.  Fortunately, he observed it and is alive today. Satan is alive and fighting mad.

Maryland County Branch Advances: They just entered and started working in two new regions and tribes. One is the Barrobo tribe of 32 known towns.  They have impacted 9 of the towns and baptized 15.  The other tribe is the Dorrobo tribe and has 9 known towns.  They have ministered in 2 of them.

Maryland County Branch Robbed: Albert our director was home alone laying on his bed typing his end of month report and unexpectedly fell asleep.  He had not yet locked up our base properly.  When he awoke early in the morning the laptop he was working on in front of him was gone!  So was $200 dollars he had saved for his wedding, another laptop, camera, extended hard drive and other items.  The rouges had walked all around him, his room and the house taking what they could.  Praise God it was not worse they did not take the motor bike, copier, generator, nor his life.
Wordsower Bible Institute:  We completed another level 1 class.  There were 27 students.  Our first level teaches about discipleship, the second level is on the church.  We have sent these disciples out.  Our goal is to see an explosion of free independent churches that will reproduce in other churchless communities.

Prayer requests:  Pray for Liberia.  Join us in a unity of prayer.  Pray for a great revival to sweep through this country.  Pray for a healthy church in every village in our generation, that every Liberian can walk small and find a healthy church.   Please make this prayer part of your daily prayers.  Pray for the safety of our leaders as they enter the strongholds of Satan!

Thank you for your prayers, donations and encouragement,

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance.  The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  C. S. Lewis.

Villages, towns and cities we have been working in:

Sinoe County: Bah, Bardoua, Beatuoken, Bilibokee, B.O.P.C., Charlie, Cass Town,Ceeubo, Chebioh, Cheboken, Congo, Dagbe, David Kuma, Deedo, Dejila, Deyankpo,  Eni, Farmersville, Fanfin, Funnioh, Gardoway, Gbalawin, Gbliyee, Gbojuelville, Gbowe, Geelor, Greeneville, Greft, Greenville Hospital, Grigsby Farm, Jalay, Jaytoken, Joazon, Joe Village, Jokoken, Judu, Kakpo, Kamus, Karquekpo, Katuzon, Kelgbeh, Kilo, Korjayee, Kuwait Gold mining camp, Monueh, Neinplikpo, New Kru, New, Nyanphio, Nyennwlejen, Paul, Pellkon, Pokpaken, Putu Jadweodee, Peace Camp (a gold mining camp), Po-River, Polay, Pratt, Prison of Sino County, Pynes Town, Qutatozon, Saikas, Saygbeken, Seebeh,  Seedubo, Seetor, Saybaken, Saydee, Senquene, Sennajalh, Swenpon, Tarta, Titus, Voobadee, Wiah,  Zanwonjah. Grand Gedeh County: Army barracks, Badou, Bah, Bakor, Banana ,Bar, Bargblor, Barte-jam, Bassa, Bawaydee, Beezon, Beh, Bellyalla, Benin, Benla, Bently Mining Camp, Best, B’hai, Tarway, Billibo, Blown, Boe,  Boley, Boplue, Border, Boundary, Brown, Cartumacy, Chayee, Chebeh, Chebeor, Chensla, Compound, Crahold, CVI gold mining camp 1, 2, 3, 4, Deplay, Deyan, Diah, Disco Hill, Dogbar, Dolozon, Dougee Refugee Camp, Doubah, Ducas Wulu, Duo Town, Dweh,  Enoch Nahn, 48 mile, Franzaz, Frinkey, Garbo, Garley, Gave Thank Shilue, Gardweh 1 and 2, Gaye, Gbakah, Gbarbo, Gbarzon, Gbayea, Gbeyoubo, Gbloue, Gboe, Gboan, Geewon, Gboleken, Gborabo, Gambo, Geeha, Geeyah, Gleplay, Go Look, Golo, Gorabert, Gorbowrogba, Goyeazohn, Graddeh, Grady, Guagbo, Gween, Gwenebo,  Jackson, Jaibo, James’s Sayon’s, Jargbeh, Jarwleh, Jarzon, Jayteken 1, Jayteken 2, Jellu,  Johban, John David, Jonesgbaye, Juahzon, Julutuzon, Kadifah, Karlowleh, Kartumaside, Kohn, Kojayee, Konobo, Krah, Ziah, Kpae, Kyne, Kwebo, Ma Esther, Menyeah, Momom Camp, New York gold mining camp, Nico, Old Pohan, Panwolor, Papayea, Pellelzon, Penokon, Peter Saydee, Pineapple village, Ploe Bodee, Polar Town, Polar Village, Pokor, PTP refugee camp, Queboe, Sant, Savah, Savior Worbey, Saycon, Saylee, Sayubo, Sentrodu, Sewion 1, Sewion 2, Sinkon, Sloman (a gold mining camp), Solo Inside, Solo Outside, Solo Refugee Camp, Sowaken, Steven, Suahken, Talorkan, Taye’s Village, Techiensla, Tiama, Tobolee, Toes Refugee Camp, Toes Town, Toffoi, Togbayee, Tojillah, Toueah, Tuglor, Varglor, Vleyee, Whybo, Wilking Paye Camp, Willie Jellu, Winner Gardueh, Wlagbo, Woloken, Wulu, Zarzar, Zaiyee, Zeon, Zilaken,  Ziulay, Zuabah, Zwedru, the county prison, 4 road check stations, and the county hospital.  Montserrado County: Bannerville, Bassa, Gbenbah, Jacob town, Monrovia, New Georgia, Pipeline.  River Gee County:  Cheboken, Dweaken, Fish Town, Fish Town Prison, Geeken, Jarkaken, Jaytoken 1, Jaytoken 2, Kanweaken, Kaytoken, Klaboken, Myoken, Podroken, Putuken, Sargba, Sweaken, Tartiken, Tuaken, Wartiken.  Bomi County:  Beh, Jaway, Joes Town, Tubmansburg.  Margibi County: Army barracks, Barclay, Bovclay, Brown, Dolos Town, Harbel camp 7, Kpuyah, Mazoe, Naway, Sherflin Barak, Takata.  Maryland County: Bann Village, Barreken, Biladimour, Bonnikek, Brownell, Cain, Cavalla, Cavalla Konukridi, Gbolobo, Dakay, Dannis, Dibleken, Driver’s Camp, Dugboken, Dweaken, Face, Factory Camp, Feloken, Fish, Free, Gbanken, Gboloken, Geeken, Glofaken 1 and 2, Gwissiken, Halfgrayway, 7 locations in Harper, Hnabo, Holegrn, Hospital Camp, Jebaiken, Judy’s, Kablaken, Karloken, Kings, Koluso, Konusod, Lexicon, Libsuco, Little Weleppo Refugee camp, Refugee Camp Town, Marfliken, Middle town, Nekpachelu, Nemelken, New Half and Whole Half, Number 8 Camp, Graway Towns, Old Lady, Olegravic, Pedebo, 4 locations in Pleebo, Philadelphia Gold Mining Camp, Poceken, Pular, Pulla, Puluken, Refugee Village, Rock 1 and 2, Rubber Bag Camp, Saydeken, Sawlowken, Saywonken, Siliken, Spring Hill, Teaken, Tugbaken, Warteken, Weah’s Town, Wechoken, Wholegrayway, Wuluplukredi, Wutuken, Yelibibou, Yulukridi, the county prison and check stations.  Nimba County: Beatwo, Borbor, Bleaseh, Burtein, Camp 1, Dialah, Fienney, Fluma, Freeman, Ganta, Gbanquoi, Gbanolu, Glalay, Gonkopa, Gougartwo, Graie, Guotoin, John Strother, Karbah, Kpallah, Kpaytuo, Kpiekpoa, Logan, Miller, Noway, Puayaker, Saclepea, Sarlay, Tappita, Towah, Unification, Venn, Whea, Wontoe, Yiteepea, Your Peg, Wesseken, Zarwulugbo, Zautuo.  River Cess County: Darhga, Gbee.  Grand Kru County: Baclaville City, Baclaville Check Point, Bewane, Boniken, Camp Spin, Company Camp, Doubbo, Dweaken, Gbarken, Genoyah, Iron Bridge,  Kladipah, Leaceco, Solokent, Woelowinken, Wropluken. Grand Bassa County: Bucannon Baccoline, Dayes, Goah, Nagbeh, Nyudeh, Penney.

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